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  1. Dragonfyre

    How do you take your coffee?

    With a little milk and a little sugar. Never any flavorings, though.
  2. Dragonfyre

    Coffee, Tea or none?

    What even is that latter option? T..e..a? Kidding. I prefer coffee and consider myself a coffee lover, but I am not averse to tea. I can appreciate a good cup of English breakfast tea or Oolong.
  3. Dragonfyre

    What should you be doing right now?

    Oh dear. Not this question. Hmm, let's see...a chemistry lab report, a chemistry problem set, an essay, reviewing for a calculus exam, maybe even 'sleeping,' since it is, after all, 12MN where I am.
  4. Dragonfyre

    How much money is in your wallet/purse/pockets?

    Well, nothing--I don't currently own a wallet. I've been keeping my money for the day in my pockets since I lost my wallet (empty at the time, thankfully) a few months back. I haven't had the time to pick out and purchase a proper wallet, and I don't want to make a haphazard purchase.
  5. Dragonfyre

    Character customizations?

    I personally hope they either make the whole "fashionableness" (IIRC?) mechanic a little more tangible and less mysterious or do away with it altogether. I never did unlock the Lumiose Boutique, and that leaves the clothing options even more limited than they already are. And I usually play as...
  6. Dragonfyre

    Boxart Hint New Form for Weather Trio?

    The symbols being present in ORAS Groudon and Kyogre's art only supplements the assumption that GF was going for an Alpha/Omega theme when designing them. Why they went for that theme in the first place is not something it proves.
  7. Dragonfyre

    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    Re: Will we get more Mega Evolutions in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? That reasoning is not my own. I meant that I think that these Pokemon (pseudolegendaries and popular Pokemon) are those that GF will probably give MEvos to. It's what I expect, but not necessarily what I want. That...
  8. Dragonfyre

    Which version will you buy?

    I was referring to my preference as to their designs. Even if we were talking about competitive potential, just because Pokemon A out-types Pokemon B, it doesn't make it the "stronger" Pokemon. That is, unless Pokemon B is all that Pokemon A will ever battle, which is obviously not the case.
  9. Dragonfyre

    Media blackout zones?

    Re: Spoiler Free Zones? If I read all the spoilers I could find with XY, an all-new game set on a new platform featuring an all-new region, I sure as hell am doing it with ORAS.
  10. Dragonfyre

    Boxart Hint New Form for Weather Trio?

    I understand, but I think if you're looking this deep into something it's better to be consistent. Being inconsistent makes things harder to prove. I mainly find it weird that people are seemingly forcing finding lowercase Alpha (and using it to support theories) when looking for uppercase...
  11. Dragonfyre

    Which version will you buy?

    Omega Ruby. Because Groudon>Kyogre, IMO.
  12. Dragonfyre

    Which Hoenn starter will you choose?

    Since I've never played R/S and have no past experience to go on, I'll just continue tradition and pick the Fire-type starter, Torchic.
  13. Dragonfyre

    Boxart Hint New Form for Weather Trio?

    It's just a nitpick, but I find it weird that people look for uppercase Omega (Ω) in the design of OR!Groudon and the Team Magma symbol, but look for lowercase Alpha (α) and not uppercase Alpha (A) in AS!Kyogre and the Team Aqua symbol. In fact, I think uppercase Alpha is more easily...
  14. Dragonfyre

    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    Re: Will we get more Mega Evolutions in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Swampert and Sceptile will very likely get MEvos, for balance's sake. I also see Metagross and Salamance (both or either) getting MEvos because of their pseudolegendary status. In fact, I'm surprised they don't have MEvos...
  15. Dragonfyre

    Hoenn Remake Wishlist

    Since admittedly I've never played a game set in Hoenn (*gasp!*), I'm not even capable of a decent wishlist. The only thing I can think of right now are dual-typed Mega Mascots. Maybe Fire/Ground and Water/Ice.
  16. Dragonfyre

    OR/AS Bold Predictions

    They'll pull a Mega Mewtwo X/Y and reveal that the Mega Blaziken we had all along will only appear in either OR or AS and there will be a second MEvo in the opposite version.
  17. Dragonfyre

    Jeff's Breeding Mill

    Re: Jeff's Breeding Mill [3/28 ReHaul-] Sorry for the (extremely) late reply, the internet connection on my computer has been unreliable as of late. That's great. I'd like the nickname "Blackmont" for the Vullaby and "Tyrell" for the Ferrothorn. My IGN is Aemon, FC: 2466-2803-5471. The...
  18. Dragonfyre

    Jeff's Breeding Mill

    Re: Jeff's Breeding Mill [3/28 ReHaul-] Hi, interested in a Vullaby and a Ferroseed. I can breed you the 5IV Carbink, and for the second I can give you Houndoomite. If there's anything else you're looking for (especially if you already have/don't need the Houndoomite), tell me and I'll see if I...
  19. Dragonfyre

    Event Legendarys for Kalos Shinys

    Do you have a Genesect? And will you take a Friend Safari-caught shiny Dedenne for it?
  20. Dragonfyre

    The Bedroom Thread

    I'd go and dig up this bedroom floor plan I did a year ago for Arts class (which wasn't an art class, but a pre-architecture class) if I'm not as lazy as I am, but I am. Perhaps sometime later I'll scan and attach it. Description, then. As far as furniture goes, my bedroom is pretty bare-bones...