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    Things You Hate About New Generations Approaching

    The fact that I get really into it and know all the new Pokemon before I get the game. On that note, I probably won't be posting here for quiet a while, as I don't want a repeat of Gen V. (I only found one Pokemon a surprise. Last time other than that must've been Pearl, my second game.) -Me!
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    Did you ever use the special balls? (Heal balls, Luxuray Balls...etc etc...)

    Generally not, though I did use a Heal Ball in Pinwheel Forest on White, when most of my team were on low health to avoid going back to the Pokemon Centre. I didn't realise until after Twist Mountain that Doctors and Nurses heal Pokemon.
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    Video Games Poll #56 Do you like the Pokémon World Tournament?

    I really like it. My main problem is that I haven't got my team from SS, but if I transfer them forwards they're trapped. I might clone my Emerald team, as that's more balance than my White 2. It's a little imbalanced with 5 Water Leaders but only 2 Poison, but I have no trouble with Water, as...
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    Last Gen! Who is still playing?

    I'm mainly playing the Emerald Battle Frontier, though I recently got a win streak of 14 in the Battle Arcade with my friend on SS. Might get around to training my SS tem to 100, though not for a while. -Me!
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    Do you have any shiny pokemon from the older games?

    Not sure if I've poste here already, but I have a shiny Camerupt (caught as Numel), and a Golbat on Emerald. Didn't find out you could RNG untill after I'd trained Camerupt, so Golbat was even luckier.
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    Ever had your name as a NPC or a trainer(not yourself)?

    In the ferry on Emerald, there's a gentleman with a variation of my name.
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    If you could be any Pokemon

    I'd probably be a humanoid, because anything else would be to wierd. Lucario or Zoroark I think. Oddly enough, two I wouldn't normally say I like. EDIT: Probably Zoroark really, because Illusion would be fun to trick people with.
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    The New Official Claim-An-Item(s) Thread!

    Max Revive - Me! - 24-5-12 Dome Fossil - Me! - 24-5-12
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    Starter Pokemon Survey

    Male, and just barely Water. When actually counting, I've used; (excluding Scramble challenge) two Fire, two Grass, three Water.
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    Out of all the music in the games, which one is your favorite?

    GEN I: Lavender Town. GEN II: Not heard many originals - GB Sounds are slightly off - but I like Burned Tower, Dragons' Den and Violet City. GEN III: I honestly can't remember most of the music XD. Sootopolis was good, and Emerald's mad weather theme. Oh, and Shadow Lugia's theme. GEN IV...
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    What was/is your Pokemon team for RSE?

    Secptile, Aggron, Walrein, Kadabra, Camerupt and Altaria.
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    Favorite Frontier Facility?

    Now that I've had a chance to try Emerald's Facilities, I can say from Hoenn I like the Battle Dome the best.
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    LT Weekly Poll #33 Favourite Mystery Dungeon game?

    I liked PMD Red and Blue. While the guild was nice, I found they were more hinderance than help. And getting the huge rewards, then only getting 1/10 of it, despite doing all the work. Not nearly as fun as just getting payed small amounts, but getting it all. Hope the next one (if they make it)...
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    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    Lucario, trained by one of my friends, thorugh trade. Not ever trained one myself though. Closest so far is ~76. -Me!
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-4) Thanks for the info. A little more research shows that Walrein can also learn the move from the tutor, so I don't have any worries about evolution. Only really teching for powered up Ice Ball. -Me!
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-4) On my Emerald I recently caught a Spheal. I want to teach it the move Defense Curl, but I can't seem to find out how. It doesn't seem to appear on any of it's families lvl up lists for Emerald. DO I really have to transfer it to FRLG to teach it...
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    Your "YES!" moments

    Catching my shiny Numel with the second Great Ball on Emerald. In fact, even seeing a shiny Numel rather than SLugma - because I'd planned my team with Numel in mind.
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    VG Weekly Poll #37 Are you willing to pay the price for Pokédex 3D Pro?

    I doubt it. While I'd like to have it, it just seems too much to pay. Anyway, with the Spotpass downloading of entries, I'm not getting many Pokemon on my normal 3D Dex.
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    Pokémon dreams

    I had one dream where I was in the anime. Ash and co. were nowhere to be seen. I had Mantine Magikarp and something else. Team Rocket were relevant. Much more recently I had a dream where I was in a cave with my borther and my ex-babysitter. I could see the entrance, but it was so bright I...
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    The New Official Claim-a-Pokemon Thread!

    Zweilous - Me! - 24-4-12