• Magnificent Entertainer barges into the Pastoria Gym, intent on getting his fifth Badge. Watch here as he chases some Team Galactic dingbat and yells at the police again.

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  1. Treacle

    Earliest Pokémon related memories

    What are your earliest memories of the franchise? Here are some of mine from when I was around 4-6- Watching the 1st season anime. (that's how I got into it in the first place) Getting 'The Official Pokémon Handbook' and learning it off by heart. Reading it so much it fell apart...
  2. Treacle

    The lack of merchandise outside of Japan/US (in particular plush)

    I can't be the only person who is really disappointed with TPCi's ignorance of a market outside of these two countries (since the US actually gets some PC merch). After almost 6 months they still have no notion of opening pokemoncenter.com to people outside of America. (and yes I did ask) Using...