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    What Comic Book Series are You Reading? [Possible Spoilers]

    Title says it all~ The series I'm reading is Batman & Robin Vol. 1 (2009-2011) which has 26 issues. I read 16 issues so far and I'm enjoying it. What I like about this series is that What I also like about this series is that Dick Grayson Now, here is what I think of some of the...
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    Young Justice: Invasion (Season 2) Episode 08 [SPOILER ALERT]

    Title says it all. That's right, YJS02 will be returning this Saturday on CN (Cartoon Network) @ 10:30 AM EST! You can read an interview here and watch some clips of this week's episode. I'm looking forward to a lot of character development, especially for Robin (Tim Drake), Lagoon Boy...
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    Legendary Shiny Beasts To Be Distributed WiFi

    It will be in Europe. Don't know if people with U.S. carts will get it, check out serebii.net Chances are, it will be similar to Jirachi event. *crosses fingers* If I can download it on U.S. cart :mallet:
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    Japanese Wi-Fi Event Thought

    I don't know if this is the right place, if not, then I'm sorry for posting it in the wrong place. Anyways, I have a thought on why there has been Wi-Fi Events lately in Japan. First it's Ash's Pikachu (a memory for Pokemon Fans to have of Diamond and Pearl) and now Manaphy, I'm having a...
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    Japanese Manaphy Wi-Fi Event

    I'm looking forward to this one :cool:
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    Shiny Beasts in the 13th Movie?

    Shiny beasts in 13th movie? Do you guys think they're real or illusions (possibly Zorua's illusions). Check it out. P.S. If there is no need for this thread, then I'll just delete it.
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    Help With Level 5 Jirachi

    Hey, I just picked up the Level 5 Jirachi from the PokeMart, I've downloaded the WiFi event. Now here are my Jirachis stats: Hardy nature HP 26 ATK 15 Defense 15 SPATK 15 SPDEF 16 SPEED 16 Now, I wanna know the IVs of this Jirachi, I already know to do a level 100 battle and...
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    New WiFi Event - Ash's Pikachu

    I'm really excited about this event :D I wonder if it'll come to the U.S.
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    Wi-Fi Jirachi Event Download

    On Pokemon D/P/PT and HG/SS, you could download an Event Jirachi similar to the one given away at GameStop :D The Event starts on the 26th of June and ends of the July 16th. Can't wait for this event 'cause I'll be able to download 3 (have Pearl, Platinum, and HeartGold ^^) :)
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    Legendary Beasts May Unlock Something in Black & White

    I just read on serebii that the 3 Shiny Legendary Beasts that will be distributed in events will unlock something in 'Pokemon: Black & White'. But What? Personally I think they might have somethin' to do with Zoroark or unlocking a new area in the game. What do you guys think?
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    Legendary Beasts Giveaway

    There will be a movie giveaway in Japan if you pre-order the tickets for Pokemon: Phantom Ruler Zoroark. You'll get the three Legendary Beasts (Entei, Raikou, and Suicune) in alternate color, I guess they mean Shiny. The Beasts will know a special move, Entei will know that move Flare Blitz...
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    Pichu's IVs

    Does anyone know what a Pichu's perfect IVs at level 100? I need to know, because right now I'm doing a project that involves getting a level 30 Pichu with perfect IVs. I want to know at least 1 stat that has perfect IVs.....
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    Wi-Fi PCP Event

    Just checked on Serebii. I'm guessing you can download it with a U.S. cartridge, right?
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    Anyone Pre-Ordering Pokemon HG/SS

    Hey, anyone pre-ordering Pokemon HG/SS to get the figurine? Do you think you'll get the figurine if you order it off Amazon, or is it a risk that you won't get it? I'm thinkin' about pre-ordering it from here and I want to know 100% that I'll get the figurine and they're not just saying it......
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    EV Training Tips

    Hi guys, I would like some tips on EV Training, and I want tips from Trainer who have had a good amount of experience on EV Training. I've been EV Training a Garchomp in HP at level 50 (started at level 50 'cause that's when I found out about it), I read from somewhere that you can tell that it...
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    Hey guys, check this out, I was just checkin' serebii and looked what showed up on the website: http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml There's a 95% chance that this could be fake, but who knows, it may be real. What do ya guys think? P.S. I posted this real quickly, I do not know if anyone has...
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    New Dub Episode Title of 'Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles'

    Hi guys, this is my first thread of announcing a new dub title of Pokemon :D I was checking out serebii.net and they said that MSN TV schedule announced the thirty-eighth episode of Pokemon season 12, Pokemon Daimond and Pearl: Galactic Battles, and the 611th episode in total. The dub title of...
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    Cloning Pokemon in a Different Way

    Hey, has anyone tried this, I just thought of a way of cloning Pokemon without GTS/Hacking Devices. Let's say you have two Nintendo DS systems and 2 Pokemon games of D/P/P (or you borrow a friend's or whatever). You take the Pokemon you want to clone, in this case, a Pikachu. So you have the...
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    "Apparently Met"

    Is a Darkrai caught on NewMoon Island suppose to say: Newmoon Island Apparently met at Lv. 50 Is 'Apparently met at' suppose to be there? I received it from a trade.
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    Classic Ribbon Question [SOLVED !]

    Just now when I was checking out my Event Pokemon I've decided to take a look at the Classic Ribbon's description. I was shocked to see that the normal description "A Ribbon that proclaims love for Pokémon' was changed to 'A commemorative Ribbon obtained in a Mystery Zone'. Why did the...