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  1. Mitchman

    Pokefinder Club?

    View: https://youtu.be/8Nt5H6QDvF0 Removed the speculation tone of the thread from speculation to confirmed info, kinda have to consideribg I was wildly off mark on what it is. So far we know: -Take photos with any Pokemob ib the Photo Club -Outside there are special circumstances where you...
  2. Mitchman

    Secret Bases return or House Building?

    Something raised my curiousity in the new trailers that piqued my interest, and it makes me wonder if there is a major feature not yet shown off that will be either of the two I mention in the title. http://i.imgur.com/EzhpYJLh.jpg The shop icon I circled is a hammer, curious innit?
  3. Mitchman

    PokeFinder- Pokemon Snap, what is that?

    As we know from the new trailer, the RotomDex had a cool camera feat ure, were you take pics of Pokemon. Think Pokemon Snap, but in the region, and it s all based on the areas you find Pokemon. As you take more pictures, the camera upgrades from the quality of your snaps. Anyone else really...
  4. Mitchman

    Famitsu Interview with Masuda and Ohmori

    Pokemon Sun/Moon devs on gameplay changes / improvements, setting, Battle Royal, Pokemon GO, more - Nintendo Everything First interview with Ohmori and Masuda is translated. Nothing new really and its more of a non-statement interview as its mostly PR speak for whatever we have seen but there...
  5. Mitchman

    So uh, Contests Confirmed?

    Status screen from the new video has the stats and ribbons subpage exactly like ORAS. Its practically a given right?
  6. Mitchman

    Pause Menu and the Bottom Screen.

    As we can see here, this is the pause menu, or at least it should be. The reason for this thread is to discuss how it might work, as there are 3 interesting things to note. -No settings button. All the traditional options are there bar the settings menu. -What should be there is the Pokemon Amie...
  7. Mitchman

    NEWS: Pokemon Co-Masters

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KFNP3uG0_Jc&time_continue=1 This was announced a couple of dqys ago, surprised to see no discussion about this. We don't know a whole lot about the game so far, but from a famitsu article on it, its been said to be influenced by the TFG, which was a big...
  8. Mitchman

    No distributor males the games cost LESS?

    As many of us would know, frim experiencing it first hand, Nortec shut down its operations in Greece for distribution of Nintendo Games. Greece - Nortec Multimedia S.A. ceases partnership with Nintendo What this meant was, in 2016 there would be no official channel for getting the games here...
  9. Mitchman

    The next Region

    Although we have nothing concrete yet, what do you think is the next inspiration for the region? Personally, I have a funny feeling its the Strange Souvenir region, based on Hawaii. -Rainbow Liscense plate. A lot of Hawaiian imagery has Rainbows. -Strange Souvenir is very reminiscent of a...
  10. Mitchman

    It all comes together.

    What exactly did they mean by that? It was also said after the roll call for all gens, and this is the 20th anniversary games. So? Does it relate to the story? Region? Or does it have to do with the transferring of gen 1 Pokemon to Sun and Moon?
  11. Mitchman

    The Diamonds in the Logo

    So, as everyone can see, there are diamonds in the Japanese logo. These are in the same place as the mega sigil, which likely means its some new mechanic of the same level. Basically what can they be? Personally, abd don't kill me, but I think fusions might actually be happening. The gold one...
  12. Mitchman

    God is Real! Young Justice Season 3 is in Review by Nextflix

    Netflix Is Currently Reviewing YOUNG JUSTICE Stats for a Potential Season 3! Do your part and tweet your asses off! For justice!
  13. Mitchman

    A What If Thread: BW and all proceeding gens part of a hard reboot.

    I was thinking about this lately, and the more I delve into this, the more I want to doscuss it. Basocally my question and thread topic is based on the idea that Gamefreak went with gen 5 as a ground zero, a new beginning lets say for the series. Bascally, instead of just using new Pokemon...
  14. Mitchman

    Anyone else going to be burned out after ORAS?

    After XY and then ORAS, I'm seriously considering dropping out after this gen. The constant content roller coaster is ridiculous at this point, and in combination with annualization, its hurting me even more. I mean we went from a game with a barebones single player, little post game, no real...
  15. Mitchman

    The Multinav, a travellers essential tool!

    Pokenav got confirmed, but now its a Multinavi. Looks like a GBASP, and its a hybrid of the XY bottom screens and the Pokenav apparently. Confirmed features(but not in detail) so far: TVNavi MapNavi DexNavi PlayNavi Should be the only 4 modes as this screenshot implies...
  16. Mitchman

    SPOILERS: Flying Over Hoenn?

    So, because the Eon Ticket is an event, which makes the Lati Event Pokemon, I feel that its needed to have a topic on this, cause its potentially a huge debate in the waiting. The screenshots feature the Lati, but what if its not only for them? What I mean is that the Flying Over Hoenn feature...
  17. Mitchman

    Is it me or are the graphics better.

    I mean go to the japanese site and look at the mega evo page. The battle shots are super clean and the hp bars are amazing compared to xy. Then you have the new blue battle text boxes, the ow models are cleaner, and cutscenes are seemingly even better, with to scale characters. The trees are...
  18. Mitchman

    SPECULATION: XY gameplay different from ORAS?

    So based on the trailer, Pokemon Centers and Marts are split up. When we've been used to them being together the last 2 gens, which likely means that they're placing the merger as some kind of canonical event after the first few games, leading to some gameplay-story intergration, but that's not...
  19. Mitchman

    SPECULATION: Gym Puzzles- What's gonna change?

    So, thanks to the trailer we just got, we had a glimpse at 2 gyms(I'm pretty certain that waterfall one was Mossdeep, what with the psychics) and it seems Mossdeep has changed, and Lavaridge got a nice overhaul. What changes do you want, or can you see happening to the other gyms? Like dewford...
  20. Mitchman

    The Pokenav

    3 gens later, and we have all sorts of connectivity options, from the HoloCaster, to the PSS, and what-not. What that has to do with the topic is, do you see them all being intergrated into the Pokenav? And what else would you like to see in it? You know besides the map, and match call. I was...