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    Starf and Lansat

    I have starf and lansat berries if anyone wants a pair to start growing them. Why would I need them you ask? If you use them in the juice shop you can get a rare soda which raise the level of onep oke 2-5 levels once per day. You might also want two other berries - the ones which make the...
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    GEN VI: Wanted Starf/Lansat Berries - will trade Ability Capsule

    I want Starf or Lansat berries Willing to trade ability capsule
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    Pokemon apps for Android tablets

    I have a cheap android tablet I am looking for some good apps. I downloaded a IV calculator, but it is hard to use. I would like some tools for pokemon breeding: IV calculator Gen pokedex Commonly used move sets Also I am not sure if we are allowed to discuss this (if not...
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    Alakazam's Anagrams

    This is a game from Team neutral on Smogon (Rest in Peace) The person who is "It" takes the name of a Pokemon and makes an anagram out of its letters, and its ability and makes an anagram out of those letters, and uses the two anagrams in a sentence or two. He makes the words in the pokemon...
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    Pokemon vs Dragon Quest Monsters

    I love the dragon Quest Monster series (DQM) although not as well as pokemon Tell which monster you think would win pokemon vs DQM
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    What job do you imagine each pokemon doing?

    I am not sure if this topic has been done before, but what occupation do you see various pokemon doing? (Picture not required, but it will be more fun if you include one) to start it off, Drowzee as an accountant
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    What are the best social groups?

    Hello I am bald, an accountant, and 46 years old. I am married and have an almost ten year old son and an almost 14 year old daughter. I love forum games and social groups. I love battling (mostly OU and little cup - do you guys use tiers here?) I am very corny I am a Christian I use the...