• Magnificent Entertainer barges into the Pastoria Gym, intent on getting his fifth Badge. Watch here as he chases some Team Galactic dingbat and yells at the police again.

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    Why do you think the potential last tournament in Best Wishes was so insignificant?

    With the Don Battle, Donamite, and the Junior Cup...each of these were four episodes long a piece and seemed significant enough a give rewards to their victors and be televised with a large audience present. Yet with the Marine Cup tournament, the one in which the writers have Ash win, it's...
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    PREVIEW: BW92: Ash, Iris, and Shootie! The Last Battle!!

    http://www.dotup.org/uploda/www.dotup.org3228813.jpg GASP IRIS BEAT DAWN?!? NO WAI! NEVER SAW THAT COMING. Amazing how predictable this tournament has been.
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    Do you think the writers are handling Axew, and Scraggy's growth properly?

    In this series we have two baby Pokemon growing alongside each other, there's been various talk about how each has been developed? Do you think they are doing a good job? What are the positives, and negative of both their progress.
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    Why aren't the writers allowing Ash to win any tournaments in BW?

    There's been two tournaments so far, and soon to be three. In both he was put in a situation where it would be a foregone conclusion. It's safe to assume Ash will lose the third one given who is participating, and that would make three tournament losses. In comparison to D/P, Ash won three...
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    BW85: Sing, Meloetta! The Melody of Love!!

    http://i.imgur.com/bcL9x.jpg credit does to lolipiece.
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    What reserves do you see making a appearance in BW2?

    Given that BW2 seems to be bringing back old Pokemon, it's not hard to imagine some of Ash's old fellas making appearances. Do you think they'll play any roles other than battling? What circumstances could you see them being used?
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    Do you find mid-battle evolution's cheap or perfectly acceptable?

    Throughout the series, most notably recent in Best Wishes, we've seen alot of mid-battle evolutions. It's happened several times in the series overall as well. Do you find these events cheap, or perfectly acceptable from a story-line standpoint?
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    Badge collectors not winning Don Battle Tournaments.

    In both of the Don Battle tournaments that have occurred/occuring so far a non-gym badge collector has(will) win. The badge collectors that have entered the tournament (as far as we know) are Ash, Trip, and Bianca. In the first Don Battle both Trip and Bianca lost in the first round, while Ash...
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    Do you think Ash/Iris would have been better suited as rivals?

    Given the recent events, usually in tournaments for main characters they tend to battle their respective rivals, or have some sort of significant interaction with them (i.e Paul/Ash tag battle). Many people assumed, that give it's tournament like structure Ash was going to battle Trip. However...
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    Iris is protrayed in the game, influencing the her current handling?

    In the beginning of the series, Iris was protrayed as a wishy-washy trainer who didn't get alot of focus. However, quite quickly her past was revealed and then we had her win an entire small tournament. Do you feel that the writers are trying to portray her as such simply because of her game...
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    Why do you think writers took away gym leaders ability to switch?

    As we know, in the games gym leaders can switch whenever they want. However, in the anime it seems that the writers limit their ability to extent. They don't seem to like to lose in most cases in the anime, so why prevent them from switching?
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    The Purpose of "Shipping Episodes"

    Figured I'd get a shippers POV on this. Throughout the series we've seen a number of episodes based around shippings including the main characters. There were a few in OS, some in Hoenn, and one in Sinnoh near the end. Do you think that the writers actually have plans to make these...
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    Looking over the series, you think the writers should balance rivalries?

    When you look at alot of rivalries in this show it seems to be fairly popular to make them one-sided. Ash/Paul, Ash/Shooti Dawn/Ursula, Dawn/Zoey, and May/Drew. I don't see any harm in changing it up. Do you think evening the losses, and victories out would be a good move? Going back, and...
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    Why was Kenny so poorly handled as a Rival?

    Compared to the other rivals in this series his presence seemed kinda out of place. He didn't really appear that much, and never had a intimidating feel for lack of a better term. Zoey: Was a mentor, who helped Dawn get better. Paul: Rival, that Ash had to prove wrong in his methods...
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    So when Ash does finally win a League can we expect him to continue winning them?

    Sometimes I wonder if the anime team considers winning Pokemon league = Pokemon Master. That's obviously not the case, since afterwards he has to challenge the Champion, and the Elite 4. Of course he has to beat them before he even considers himself a master. So assuming he gets Top 2 next...
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    Was it the writers intention to make Dawn go out being better than Ash?

    I've seen some people say that Dawn was better than Ash preformance wise throughout Sinnoh ( due to Ash still making "newbie mistakes"), and looking back it seemed the writers were trying to show Dawn being better at her goal than Ash is his ( being alot closer within reach). After all she made...
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    DP 187 - Ash vs Paul II

    Credit to slowkingsley/adyniz From Official site http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_dp/index.html Intense Fighting Full battle! Ash vs Paul!! 激闘フルバトル!サトシ対シンジ!! サトシ優勢でむかえたバトル中盤! シンジのドラピオンが流れを変える!?
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    DP 185. Trick Room of Terror

    Copied from Serebii. From Monthly TV Guide 「恐怖のトリックルーム!(仮)」 22nd July DP185 - Trick Room of Terror! There apparenlty is a break after this episode, don't know why. I guess Conway is being carried over. This title is tenative, and not final.
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    How you feel about Ash getting thrown a Legendary at the Sinnoh

    Serving as the "black-sheep" to the thread Gible made, how do you feel about the writers randomly throwing Ash a Legendary to beat in the league. Do you find it cheap, and sorry excuse to get Ash to lose. Do you think it serves to show Ash's development as a trainer effectively? Feel free to...