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    BW032 - Beloved Cottonee Rides the Wind!

    Well, the plot of this episode doesn't seem all that thrilling, but Dento's role in it is making me look forward to it anyhow. Seems like it will be a funny episode :D Awww, thanks for the permission :)
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    ATTENTION: Iris Debate Thread

    I don't mind Iris, but so far I don't find her particularly interesting either. One thing that bothers me so far is that although she's had a few episodes focusing on her already, they don't seem to make a structured, coherent storyline so far. I think this may be in part because the writers...
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    Characters: Leave after development, or stay due to popular demand?

    I think it's better for characters to leave after their development. I'd much rather a character I liked leave than become uninteresting, which is the risk if the characters remain on the show despite the writers not knowing what to do with them. Plus there is always the risk of characters...
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    Which of Ash's outfits is your favorite?

    I voted for DP, for pretty much the same reasons as Hellion. Although, I do like his original series for how adorkable it is :p
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    Who should come back or who should leave?

    I don't particularly want any of the characters back, as I'd rather see the focus go to new characters who haven't been developped yet and provide a whole new storyline. At most, I guess it could be nice to find out how some of the old characters are doing (I remember really wanting to find out...
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    Who had the more annoying catchphrase; Iris or Dawn?

    I guess I'd have to say Iris's catchphrase, as I really kinda liked Hikari's 'Daijoubu'. Nothing is as good as Dento's though :3
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    REVIEW: BW 027 "The Road to Become a Dragon Master! Kibago VS Crimgan!!" Review Thread

    re: BW 027 "The Road to Become a Dragon Master! Kibago VS Crimgan!!" Review Thread That's the thing -I have nothing against seeing Kibago develop and grow, especially as I'm starting to quite like Kibago as a character. I just wouldn't want that to happen at the cost of Iris's own...
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    REVIEW: BW 027 "The Road to Become a Dragon Master! Kibago VS Crimgan!!" Review Thread

    re: BW 027 "The Road to Become a Dragon Master! Kibago VS Crimgan!!" Review Thread All in all, I quite liked this episode, but the plot was pretty generic and uninventive. I enjoyed seeing Iris have more of a role, and more development, which hopefully is a sign that there is more to come soon...
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    The good the bad and the poke of DP

    As a whole I enjoyed DP, although I admit it took me a while to properly get into it. Like some other people who've commented here, I found the main group interactions a little dull and lacking in comedy, but enjoyed the characters and their development/storylines individually. Also, while the...
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    Who do you prefer, Dawn's Piplup or Ash's Oshawott?

    I actually prefer Pochama. Not that I was a great fan of Pochama, but at least it became the buttmonkey and had some comedic episodes. For some reason, so far I've found Mijumaru more grating.
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    REVIEW: BW003: Mijumaru! Meguroco! Close Call!!

    Unfortunately I missed the beginning of the episode, so I was a little confused at first xD Looks like we might see Meguroko again, which I'm eagerly looking forward to. Meguroko tower totally made my day. :D This. So, so much :p Otherwise, Iris seems pretty cool, liked her small saving...
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    "Fanfare of the Heart", the first ending theme to "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes"

    Personally, I found the ending song a little underwhelming, but still ok. I liked the cute group scenes though. Especially those with Dento
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    Fall Fanfiction Awards - Nominations

    I'll start by saying that all my choices for the other categories have already been nominated so I won't bother nominating them again. Best serial: Lessons in Love I love the idea behind the series and found it to be an interesting parody of the AU High School fics that we normally see...
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    Do you feel sorry for Wobbufet being left behind?

    Well, I am sad about Wobbuffet, but I had known before BW aired, so it didn't come as a surprise. And as people mentioned, its not gone forever, so they could bring it back if they so wished. ANyway, the reason the writers used for not bringing it back seemed fairly decent to me. I was...
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    "Best Wishes!", the first opening theme to "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes"

    Haha, when I first watched it, I didn't realise more Pokemon were revealed for each episode. Guess I need to learn how to pay attention xD Anyway, that makes me understand the point of choosing an opening like that more, and the idea of focusing on just Pokemon isn't so bad in itself...
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    "Best Wishes!", the first opening theme to "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes"

    I love the song, but I really can't understand the thought process behind the opening animation. Its just.. Pikachu running.. doesn't get me pumped for the next episode, anyway. I'd rather have seen the usual 'happy group scenes' we normally get. Oh, well, as long as the ending isn't Pikachu...
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    REVIEW: BW001: To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!! / BW002: Iris and Kibago!

    Re: BW 001-002 "To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!!" & "Iris and Kibago!" Review T I feel exactly the same way about Mijumaru. Its hard not to love a Pokemon with those facial expressions xD. Whats more, it's cute, but not an overdone 'look omg so kawaiiii' kind of cute.
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    REVIEW: BW001: To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!! / BW002: Iris and Kibago!

    So, I really enjoyed these episodes. Enthusiastic Ash is adorable, lots of funny moments, although I hope he doesn't act too noob-ish all of BW. So far it wasn't a problem though, as he still acted capable as a trainer. So, yeah, I'm not going to complain about additional humour xD And as if...
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    BW005 - Sanyou Gym! VS Yanappu, Hiyappu, Baoppu!!

    Re: BW005 - Baoppu, Hiyappu, Yanappu! Man, I love that Dento has cheerleaders and I would join them too if I could. Haha, I wonder if they'll stalk Dento in his travels with Ash and Iris? :p
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    Will Cynthia and Looker appear in Best Wishes too?

    I completely agree with this. I think it would be nice to have mentions and appearances of Belle throughout BW, showing her getting stronger, and becoming champion before being the one to finally beat Cynthia. Belle definitely seems to be a character with a lot of potential anyway.