• Magnificent Entertainer barges into the Pastoria Gym, intent on getting his fifth Badge. Watch here as he chases some Team Galactic dingbat and yells at the police again.

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  1. Eggseggseggseggs

    Does anyone know a way to view a subbed version of Pocket Monsters Crystal Raikou: The Legend of Thunder?

    I can't find anything online that implies there is anything in english besides the apparently botched dub.
  2. Eggseggseggseggs

    What are your favorite types and what do you like about them?

    It's only after coming to this website that I have been able to say what my favorite types are. I've been asked what my fav is before but I couldn't think of anything, but recently I've done a lot of thinking about certain types and how much I like them. Now I'm wondering what everyone else's...
  3. Eggseggseggseggs

    What are your favorite pokemon revealed in the datamine? (spoilers)

    Including the final Alola Forms, alt forms, UB's, and final starter evos (since they weren't technically confirmed before now in the sense that they are definitely real beyond any doubt). My favorites are Beltiger, Marshadow, and the new Cable UB.
  4. Eggseggseggseggs

    What do you think of think of Game Freak's Giga Wrecker?

    The game is very interesting. Have you tried it? What do you think of it? What do you think could be improved after it comes out of early access?