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  1. Neonsands

    Mafia: Neon's House of Sports Anime Mafia: End Game - Ready For Wimbledon

    Do you like Sports? Do you like Anime? Do you like Mafia? Even if you don't, feel free to join: Neon's House of Sports Anime Mafia*! *Halloween Themed Edition So what is this game all about? Why is something silly like this going down? Simply put, for fun! I like fun, I like games, I like...
  2. Neonsands

    Mafia: Ape Escape Mafia: End Game (8/19/12) Mafia Win

    Ape Escape Mafia Rules: 1. Sportsmanship Stuff A. No breaking forum rules B. No being a meanie pants C. Try and be helpful and friendly 2. Role Stuff A. No screenshots B. All forms of typed claiming are fine 3. Sub stuff A. After 2 phases...
  3. Neonsands

    Mafia: Inazuma Eleven Mafia: Football Frontier (Done: Raimon Wins!) [10/12/11]

    Inazuma Eleven Mafia: Football Frontier Synopsis: Raimon Junior High has just won the Football Frontier, and are currently the top ranked team in Japan (out of middle schools). This is extremely exciting for all members, however some of their opponents, from along the way, aren't quite so...
  4. Neonsands

    Mafia: Scott Pilgrim vs The Mafia (OVER! Town + Mr. Chau wins!) [8-9-2011]

    Scott and Allies VS The League of Evil Exes Synopsis One day, in the magical city of Toronto, Scott Pilgrim was dating a high schooler. However, life wasn't purely that simple for Scott. Scott began having dreams of the most attractive girl he had ever seen, and soon enough, Scott...
  5. Neonsands


    So yeah, not sure how legitimate it is, but I repeated the same process about 3 times and ran into Latias at the exact same bush each of the 3 times i did it. I would have tried it out more, but I threw a pokeball at latias the last time and by some miracle it was caught without any damage or...
  6. Neonsands

    Good Day to One and to All

    Hello everybody. I am what some might affectionately refer to as a noob. The name is Neon. I look forward to having many great experiences on this board and meeting many new people.