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    Does anyone like Shuckle?

    I think shuckle is very underrated. Not that shuckle is a amazing pokemon or anything. I happen to like the little guy
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    pokemon that you just refuse to evolve

    Shiny Ponyta. I haven't trained ponyta all that much but I believe it is one of the best shiny's, the blue flames are just amazing
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    Pure Flying Type: Will We Ever Get One?

    I wish it would happen, but unfortunatly, I doubt it will =/
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    Shiny Pokémon by Soft Resetting

    Started a new game in Heartgold a few weeks back, 3 days into soft reseting I saw cyndquil's red back, been gravy ever since
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    Worst Designed Pokémon?

    Buizel. At first I thought it was a decently well designed pokemon, then i realized its a sea weasel with a intertube around its neck.
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    Pokémon moments that made your day!

    Catching Ho-Oh in a quick ball on the first try. and also getting a Shiny cyndaquil
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    Your favorite Pokemon type?

    Re: What is Your Favourite Type??? Bug, just to be different. I am a big fan of Pinsir and Yanmega =D
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    The "If Pokémon Were Real" Thread

    Re: The "If Pokemon Were Real" thread Me and a few of my friends always talk about this, and in theory it would be great, but there is to much evil in the world for it to actually work out.