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  1. Velvet


    So I tried to download Pokemon Go Yesterday and Today from my Android and all I get is something about my credit card information. There is a 'none' option but do I really have to pay in order to download Pokemon Go?
  2. Velvet

    Pokemon X/Y teaser poster
  3. Velvet

    SPECULATION: Ash's reason for being in Luminose City?

    This is something that I've been wondering about, as it has been confirmed that's the place where he'd be starting off in. My thought is with the recent rumors that have been floating around in regards to Sycamore handing out the Kanto starters is there a possibility that the reason Ash travels...
  4. Velvet

    Pokemon X and Y Anime rumor

    First off I want to apologize incase that there is a thread and if this can be moved there. Secondly, I found this particular rumor on Pokejungle; right now it's all speculation. Honestly, it sounds rather fishy to me. But I thought I might as well post it to hear everyone elses thoughts on it.
  5. Velvet

    Looking for these Pokemon

    Hey! I'm looking for Victini, Bagon, Elekid or Electrivite, Vulpix and possibly the rest of the starters from Kanto to Sinnoh. Doesn't matter gender, nature or anything at all. I have all avaliable Unova starters if interested.
  6. Velvet

    Regarding Team Plasma's Appearance in the TV series

    This thought just occured to me as late, I have been going through some of the old episodes of Best Wishes, and I remember them showing a Team Plasma member at the end of the episode before Burgh's battle. I was curious as to whether or not, because of the debute, whether or not, they'll still...
  7. Velvet

    What guy do you want with Ash?

    I saw the Kishore's post of "What kind of girl do you want with Ash" so I decided to make a thread about what guy you think should be with Ash. Talking about canon characters is allowed, however, talking about kind of guy would suit Ash is also acceptable. I have my own personal views of...
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    I've been following the Pokemon fandom for awhile now, and I have yet to come across anything really related to Lightningboltshipping AKA Volkner x Ash, and I was wondering if there was anyone besides me that supported that pairing. If you are a fan, please discuss.
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    Hello, name's, not really sure what to say here. Anyway, it's nice to meet all of you.