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  1. Shinneth

    Would BW benefit from being a genuine reboot of the series?

    Arright, hear me out: this is not to discuss whether or not the Black & White anime is a reboot. We all should know by now it's not, and is in fact a continuation of the series. However, I feel BW is so often disconnected from the previous series, usually disregarding continuity and not...
  2. Shinneth

    Story Length: The balance between "too short" and "tl;dr"

    Just to forewarn you: This opening post is tl;dr-iffic. Does that surprise any of you? Some months ago it was suggested that I make a topic that focuses solely on the matter of a fanfic's length. In true belated Shin fashion, I finally bring this to light like three months after said...
  3. Shinneth

    Shin draws too?!

    I actually do! I used to do it a lot, in fact! Not so much anymore after I realized how much I sucked at it, but I was on a drawing streak fairly recently due to fanfic-inspiration and I figured why not pimp that stuff here. What could possibly go wrong? Haven't done a lot of Pokemon fanart...
  4. Shinneth

    TEEN: Travels of the Trifecta!

    Following DP100, Paul and Reggie are issued a challenge by their father, but only after they meet a specific criteria. After all these years, will they finally earn his respect? For people exclusively following the dub, there will be spoilers. For the record, I am using the English names. This...
  5. Shinneth


    I lurked here for a while. I was content with that until I realized I really didn't have any friends to talk about Pokemon with, so I figured, eh, why not. Mainly the anime, because it's actually been getting very interesting in recent days, plus I'm actually playing Diamond and Pearl and who...