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    International content on Bulbapedia

    OK, so I had this idea, and I ran it by DETH and he thought it's good... So I figured I'll toss it here and see what the rest of the community thinks about it. I'll start with some background: it started from Project VA. Some of you might've noticed how many international voice actor articles...
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    Prince of the Island (PG-13, Original/AU)

    Rating:PG-13, for pretty much everything a story can be PG-13 for, eventually. Category: Basically, this is entirely ORIGINAL. The characters are original, and my view of the Pokémon world is... different. Some characters from many other canons will make cameo appearances from time to time...
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    Foreign voice actors

    Hi. This is my first post in the forums so some may not know me, but I'm a longtime contributor to Bulbapedia. Anyway, I'll get to the subject: we have articles for many Brazilian, Italian, Portugese and Spanish voice actors. We didn't use to. I don't remember ever seeing a discussion on the...