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    Lookin for French golduck and Shiny Seviper!!!

    anyone know someone who plays pokemon x/y that lives in France?? lookin for a french golduck.... in french itsname is Akwakwak i got a french psyduck with the name Psykokwak..... I was hopping to find someone who is located in france, trade then my FR psyduck getting it to 32 [close to...
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    hia i r new

    hia im kinda new here... also kinda new to forums, never really use them, thought id give it a try here ^^; hallo... so... when can i post a blog?? i do arts, i can draw pokemons... and stuff... hiiiaaa -waves-
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    will do art for pokemon!!! [currently looking for numel/cammerupt]

    lookin for a numel/camerupt. will trade for drawing of a pokemon of ur choice!! bassically, i post which one im lookin for [dont worry im not lookin for shinies or legendaries atm] u tell me what pokemon u want drawn. depending on how complex it is, i may be able to do multiple pokemon as...