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    Which region, if any, would you want to see a sequel to?

    So, Johto was sort of a spiritual sequel to the Kanto games, and Gen V is getting direct sequels in the form of BW2. If Gamefreak was to continue this trend and go back to make direct sequels for the other games (not remakes like FRLG and HGSs, but proper sequels like RB2 or RS2), what would...
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    Can people see my User Notes? If so, is there a way to make them not seeable?

    Yeah, I want to use User Notes to keep track of important information for one of the RPs that I'm participating in. I'd save them to a notebook file or something, but I'm not on my computer right now, so I can't really do that at the moment. Can other people see the User Notes? The info that...
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    Anyone else here are SoulPancaker's? Over the last month, I've absolutely fallen in love with the site. I'm almost always online. Basically, it's a forum-type website where you talk with others about life, politics, moral debates, problems in the world, and just explore yourself. Great...
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    How to play in a Tournament?

    So, I entered a tournament and it's now going underway. It's been 3 days since the tournament has been active. I really want to participate, but I don't know how to make my entry. It's a Bugz tournament so I thought that I just had to play Bugz to make my entry. However, when I did so, it...
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    Change Date of Birth

    How do I change my birthday? It shows the wrong birthday. If I can't change it, then who do I contact to change it?
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    Change default font

    How do I change the default font so that I don't have to do any text formatting whenever I want to use diferent text styles?
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    Favorite Anime/Manga Genre?

    Well, some people like Horror. Some people like comedy. Some people like romance? So, what's your favorite genre, whether its anime or manga? Personally, I prefer cyberpunk or mecha. I don't know, I like the bleak, dystopian worlds that are present in cyberpunk anime. Maybe, I'm an...
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    Pokemon Marathon Saturday

    I'm surprised no one has posted about this yet, but Cartoon Network is showing a Pokemon Marathon next Saturday. Is anyone gonna watch it? It's starting on Cartoon Network at 10:30A Eastern Time. Lineup Pokemon Chronicles Legend of Thunder, Part 1 Pokemon Chronicles Legend of Thunder, Part 2...
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    Plus next to Username?

    Why do some people have the "+" symbol next to their username? I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched and it's nowhere to be found. Thanks in advance! ^^
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    Rockman's Sprite Shop

    Services Trainer Recolors Trainer Splicing Decorations (make a Pokemon or trainer dressed for a certain holiday) Trainer Cards (give me all information; name, pokemon, trainer sprite, FC) I can also create trainers for the cards. I can also make images into a sprite. Inferno sprites Animated...
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    Sprites that I am proud of:

    Here are some sprites that I did. I was actually surprised that I produced these sprites. This is first sprite I did. It's not really much. I just recolored Volkner's jacket to be green. Nothing big here, just an experiment. This is the first splice I did. Can you guess what parts were...
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    Signing in for the first time...

    Hello all. I am rockman0. I've been a long time reader of Bulbanews and I always come here for any info on a certain Pokemon. I'm just now signing up for the forums. I came here once to look around but never signed up. However, I saw the URPG forum (which looks really fun)and all that, and...