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  1. Lofty

    What unused niches for new pokemon can we get in gen 8? What can be created?

    I’d love to see a fast Fire/Rock type with Levitate or Water Absorb. Magcargo is too marred by low speed to be a huge threat but something fast could be scary, especially with an immunity to one of it’s x4 weaknesses.
  2. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #19: The Poké Finder

    Alolan Ninetales Rockruff Crabrawler Morelull Sudowoodo
  3. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #18: Battle Tree Cameos

    Diantha Lance N Caitlin Malva
  4. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #17: Poké Pelago

    I'm going with five. Isle Abeens: Attract new Pokémon Isle Aphun: Collect rare items and stones Isle Evelup: Gain exp and stats Isle Oamee: Berry farming (gradually unlock more plots as you progress in the game) Isle Ajoy: Raise happiness (though not as effective as having the Pokémon in your...
  5. Lofty

    Mythical Pokémon (datamine spoilers)

    Honestly, I could see all of these scenarios being the case, but the one I lean towards the most is an old mythical Pokémon returning with a new form. If Mewtwo (though not technically mythical) could do it with Mega Mewtwo Y, why not Celebi/Jirachi/etc.?
  6. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #16: The Alola Dex

    500. Each island gets 125.
  7. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #13: Hairstyles

    Male: 6 Female: 9
  8. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #12: Rugarugan

    Name: Howlupin Midday form: Rock Midnight form: Rock/Dark
  9. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #9: What other Pokemon can we ride?

    Dodrio, Luxray, and Galvantula.
  10. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #8: Which type will have the most/least new Pokémon?

    Most: Grass Least: Fighting
  11. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #7: Names for the unknown Z-Moves!

    Normal: Balance Blast Ground: Seismic End Flying: Galeforce Rock: Boulder Crash Fighting: Mighty Haymaker Psychic: Hypnotic Pierce Bug: Brutal Chomp Poison: Devastating Plague Ice: Permafrost Frenzy Ghost: Spirit Rend Dragon: Draconic Wrath Steel: Titanium Break Dark: Deceptive Din Fairy: Sylvan...
  12. Lofty

    What career would you like to have if you were in the Pokemon world?

    I'd be a researcher, perhaps focusing on such topics as Pokémon habitats and migration. I would take on the occasional battle with poachers.
  13. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #6 - Alola Forms

    Marowak: Fire/Rock Pinsir: Fighting Oddish line: Fairy/Poison
  14. Lofty

    Eggs in GO!

    I've hatched upwards of 30 eggs now but the only notable things I've gotten are Omanyte and Porygon.
  15. Lofty

    What Pokémon ideas would you still like to see in Alola?

    I'm still holding out for a Ghost/Rock or Ghost/Fire lava rock with Cursed Body. Also, that Ghost/Flying kagu needs to happen.
  16. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #4 - How many new Pokemon total?

    I'm gonna say 89.
  17. Lofty

    Revealed Gen VII Pokémon discussion!

    Mimikyu: They missed their chance to name it Pikaboo but it's still a clever idea for a Pokemon and I'm using it. Bewear: It's growing on me, I guess... Wimpod: Oh my Arceus I didn't know they were making a 'mon version of me! I love it. I hope it stay's Bug/Water with evolution, unlike a...
  18. Lofty

    Sun and Moon Contest #3- Kiteruguma and Mimitsukiyu

    Mimikyu: Probably going to remain unchanged in localization like many are saying. Kiteruguma: Teddly (Teddy + Cuddly)
  19. Lofty

    Which team did you side with?

    I only chose Instinct because no one else is choosing it in my area and I like being the odd one out.
  20. Lofty

    What is your strongest Pokemon you've found?

    I caught a CP 86 Electabuzz on my morning Starbucks run today. It's my strongest by far...