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  1. Kirby4ever

    Up verses Down v80: Inklings verses Octolings

    Inklings and Octolings had been enemies since the Great Turf War ended over a century ago. Resonantly Octolings are slowly being more accepted into Inkling society, especially since one of the new news show hosts, Marina is an Octoling. It's now splatfest and the them is squids vs octopus, the...
  2. Kirby4ever

    Bit of a weird question, but looking for an answer

    Mods, if this is in the wrong place, please move it to the right section. While developing my comic characters, some go into a private middle school and it made me wonder. Do private middle and high school students switch classes throughout the day like those go into public middle and high...
  3. Kirby4ever

    PREVIEW: New up coming episodes to start 2018 with

    A new preview came out tonight showing clips for possibly 3-5 episodes. The Rotom shenanigans episode, episode 57 is shown here in a few clips. After that, we see clips for future episodes, but we don't know what they're called and when they'll air. They show our crew racing various Pokemon...
  4. Kirby4ever

    SPECULATION: Legendary Pokemon getting pre-evolutions in the future?

    Before Pokemon Sun and Moon was even announced, no one even thought that legendary Pokemon would have a pre-evolution. Even though breeding Manaphy with a Ditto will create a Phione, it can't evolve into Manaphy no matter what you do, it's stuck forever as a baby. Back when Manaphy was...
  5. Kirby4ever

    GEN VII: Looking for HA Fomantis

    Can someone please breed me a HA Fomantis? I'll trade you any Pokemon with a HA you want since I got many, I can also breed you one with egg moves as well.
  6. Kirby4ever

    Animal Crossing New Leaf: trade thread

    Not sure if this is a right place, if it's not just move it please. Since there's no thread thread for trading items in Animal Crossing, so I went ahead and made one. If you have questions or need help in Animal Crossing that doesn't involve trading, go ask in The Official Video Game Help...
  7. Kirby4ever

    Pokemon Global Link closing service for XY and ORAS

    It had been announced on Pokemon Global Link tonight that their service for Pokemon XY and ORAS on October so they can make space for Pokemon Sun and Moon. You can still go online, but you can't sync your gen 6 games, can't bring items into those games, can't do rating battles, and can't check...
  8. Kirby4ever

    GEN VI: LF HA Dedenne

    I been wanting to have a HA Dedeene and so far I can't find one. I will give you any of my HA Pokemon that I have for the HA Dedenne. The HA Dedenne should be female in a nice Pokeball, timid if possible.
  9. Kirby4ever

    GEN VI: LF Arceus

    I'm basically mostly done with filling my Pokedex in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I only need one Pokemon left. Does anyone have an Arceus to spare? I don't mind that it's cloned, but I don't want it to be hacked. I can trade you one my my 4-5IV shiny Pokemon, or I can breed you a 5IV Pokemon of...
  10. Kirby4ever

    Seggestions on a Pokemon for the primal battle team

    I want to use a team for the primal battle and already got 5 Pokemon in the team set up on Showdown and they do well together, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what the last Pokemon I can use for the team. Have any ideas what Pokemon I could use on the team? Here's the team so far...
  11. Kirby4ever

    Collection: Kirby4ever's Pokemon collection

    I started to collect Pokemon stuff (Mainly plushies) and saw that some people showing off their collections. Here is my current Pokemon collection, and I'm planing to add some more to it soon. The larger Pikachu in the back is a Christmas present to ether me or my brother 11-12 years ago, and...
  12. Kirby4ever

    5IV Damp Mudkip giveaway

    Currently, I have 17 5IV Damp Mudkip left over from breeding for a female Mudkip that's Damp and has 5IVs. All the Mudkp are male with Counter, Mirror coat, and Avalanche as egg moves, and their nature is Adamnt. They are bred just in time for Oras, if you want one as your ingame team and don't...
  13. Kirby4ever

    Rate my team Alpha Sapphire team

    I'm almost done breeding my team for Aplha Sapphire. I want to know How this team is and what the changes should be. I'll be using this team for the story, and then might change it around afterwords. I'm also planing on using it for competitive battles. Swampert(F)-Damp Adamant Expert Belt...
  14. Kirby4ever

    Shiny 6IV Imposter Ditto giveaway

    I got a 6IV shiny Imposter Ditto through wonder trade, but since I already have a shiny HA Ditto with 6IV, I'm giving this guy away to who ever wants it. Currently I'm accepting Pokemon that I don't have in my Pokedex, just tell me what you to offer and I can tell you if I have it or not. I...
  15. Kirby4ever

    IV breeding lefteovers+hidden ability Pokemon for trade

    I have been IV breeding Pokemon to form a competitive team and now has a lot of lefter Pokemon 5IVs and hidden abilities. So I'm offering them all away. Roselia-All in Luxury balls and have modest nature Ralts Emolga Male-Static 31/31/31/31/31/X With a brave nature and knows Iron Tail (Had...