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    Overused Story Lines

    A trainer appears in a new land, earns new badges, and goes to the championship. :P Seriously, I can't believe no one said it, LOL.
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    pokemon question

    Well, I don't feel like getting out the ruler or anything, but I would hazard a guess that starmie would be knee-high, gyrados is easily about 4 times the kids' height, corsola would be shin-high, beautifly would be similar to starmie, venusaur might be a good head or two higher than the kids...
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    Good Characters you'd like to go bad.

    Delia Tracey Basically, anyone who was sickeningly pure of heart. I don't count Ash because I have issues with what I feel is a bunch of hypocrisy.
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    Would You Watch a More "Adult" Version of the Pokemon Anime?

    I don't know if I could take a series of something as dark as Pokemon Apocalypse on Youtube, and really, lots of dark things happen in the anime if you really objectively look at what is going on, so ... uh ... yes and no?
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    T.V or DVD?

    I got rid of TV after I realized we weren't really watching it in months. So, unless I want to bring back up my cable bill, I'd rather have DVD's. :)
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    Caption the screenshots!

    Okay, real funny Ash ... enough with your Easy Bake Oven already.
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    Differences between the Anime and games that bother you

    You have money in the games and yet it seems like J&J are the only main characters with actual jobs (temp jobs, I guess, but at least they get paychecks). The kids get way too far with no real obvious funding source.
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    Pokemon Live... script?

    I think the one thing that made Mastermind crap to me was a throwaway line about how everyone should remember Mewtwo ... when only three people technically should, and they would never admit it. I can see Giovanni trying to make a more "obedient" Mewtwo, by using his technology. I can see...
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    Pokemon Live... script?

    Okay, I admit I love Diamondshipping. I always like to keep Ash's paternity in question, but I think part of the reason I go with this ship is that Delia is pretty bland and maybe us Diamondshippers are trying desperately to give her something cool to do, like date the bad guy. I like TR's...
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    Caption the screenshots!

    Jessie (shudders with delight, gasping): Ooooooooooh, James ... do that again with your fist!
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    Rocketshipping General Discussion

    Wow, that's a weird turn of events. Still, I enjoy the implications, though it really wouldn't have bothered me if they had stayed "dark". :P
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    What Pokemon could stand up to Mewtwo?

    You know, I would say dark pokemon to cancel the psychic powers, but then I get to wondering ... how does an immunity to a direct psychic attack stop Mewtwo from lifting a building up with his mind and slamming it down on top of you? Squish. Next. Mew was able to hold its own, but...
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    Preview of the conclusion of the Rocket-Dan's meteorite plot

    Am I the only one who gets a sort of "Crusaders vs Mafia" vibe? :P Still ... can't wait for this to come over to the States. I MUST see this plot!
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    Pokemon Height?

    I was amused once when I realized that Charizard is roughly just an inch or so taller than me, and I bet I'm as small as Ash (though I'm 33), yet Ash can easily be carried and looks much smaller than Charizard.
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    Protect the World from Devastation

    CHAPTER EIGHT: Out of the Ashes (8 years ago) The woman brushed her hair from her face as she bathed a small bulbasaur, which was a quadruped reptile-like creature, a bulb of wrapped leaves attached to its back. According to Professor Oak’s research, genes of plants had formed symbiotic...
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    Preview of the conclusion of the Rocket-Dan's meteorite plot

    Quoted for truth. :)
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    What would you think about a total anime reboot?

    Okay, I've been reading this thread and here are my opinions: I really don't get the "but the next gen cast would only last x years 'cause that Yugioh thing only lasted x years". Here's my question: Was GX good? I mean, I caught an episode or two, but it seemed even sillier than the first...
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    Protect the World from Devastation

    CHAPTER SEVEN: We Could Cause a Riot in Sunday School (9 years ago) Lights flashed from left to right as they rode in the darkened limo, the only source of light. Jessie, more toned than she used to be when Madame Boss first hired her, sat in a lonely corner, her eyes closed, sobbing...
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    Pokémon World Government

    I should clarify. Humans think they're in charge, but with the Legendaries, can humans really go up against creatures who can pretty much destroy all of existence when they're in a bad mood? To me, it's kinda like saying we don't rule the world, bacteria do, because after all our attempts to...
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    How would you explain Pokemon to someone?

    Pokemon is a fictionalized version of our world. It encourages both competitiveness and cooperation, both with other humans and different species. Pokemon are pet-like sentient creatures with abilities that range from simply naming some normal, like flying or digging, to special powers that...