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    Look to your right. What do you see?

    A door.
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    How comfy are you right now?

    I'm usually moderately comfortable when I'm using the computer.
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    What do your hands currently smell like?

    Nothing in particular. They're pretty clean.
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    Like a shiny new penny

    Hello fellow older person!
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    Favorite Candy? =3

    White chocolate chips. Not technically candy, but to me it's pretty close considering that I don't eat what most people call candy.
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    Coffee, Tea or none?

    I drink neither at the moment. If I had to pick between the two, I'd choose coffee.
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    A returning member

    another returning member, lol. Hope things work out for you!
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    Hi everyone.

    This is kind of an awkward welcome post, haha. I originally registered as "Heathcliff Huxtable" on these forums in 2009. I eventually left the site in 2012. Yesterday, I returned on a limited basis, primarily to chat with a few people. So, here's a big "sup" to you guys. If you remember me...
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    What interesting things would you put on a hot dog

    Mustard and sauerkraut are probably the best. Honestly, it's the synergy of whatever toppings you decide to use than counts. Loading it with a bunch of stuff won't necessarily make it taste better.
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    Which Do You Like Better: Fruits Or Vegetables?

    Vegetables, definitely. Fruits taste good, put the glycemic load can be undesirable.