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  1. J

    GEN VI: LF: Pokéball Vivillon

    To complete my vivillon collection I'm only missing this elusive pattern: the pokéball pattern I can breed any 5IV breedable pokémon (though it will take some time) or maybe even trade you a legendary for it. I don't care about nature, gender, IV's or legitness. Thank you
  2. J

    Shinies and HA pokemon for mega stones

    Looking for: Aggronite Mewtonite Y Heracronite Houndoomite Offering: Shiny blue striped Basculin Shiny Aipom Shiny Pansear 2 IV perfect Ditto (Speed and Defense) HA Fletchinder, jolly Froakie, Gyarados, Vanillite and Torchic (have to breed it) Can also breed Kanto and Kalos...