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    Legendary Pokemon caught in a Pokeball?

    I caught Deoxys in a Pokeball in Alpha Sapphire, I just threw it as a joke knowing it was extremely unlikely to catch it, but it worked... I also once caught Groudon in a Nestball in Ruby even though all my Pokemon were a lower level than it. It was always so funny to send it out in battle and...
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    It's been over a year. What is your opinion on the Fairy Type now?

    I love them as a type, gave some Pokemon such as Azumarill, Clefable and Gardevoir the advantage they needed to be great in high level play. I think it did a good job with balancing the Dragon type out more like Game Freak intended it to since I felt like in Gens IV and V dragons were just...
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    Your "YES!" moments

    Today was a good Christmas for me in terms of Pokemon, hatched a perfect IV Bagon after only about 10 eggs and then after I get a shiny HA Froakie after only five eggs!
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    What sold you to your favourite type?

    My favorite type is Steel type, I love how tough Steel Pokemon are defensively while some can also keep up the offensive pressure quite well, I also just in general like most of their designs since most of them look powerful to me.
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    what new battle mechanics do you want to see in future ganerations?

    I'd love to see more duel type attacks in the future. I love the idea behind Flying Press and think if more attacks got a second type it would be great, although Game Freak would have to be careful to not make it game breaking by giving some already strong attacks a second type that would highly...
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    Nintendo 3DS Theme Thread

    Had a bit of extra money to spend so decided to try out a new theme, I got the hanafuda theme and I absolutely love it! Really add some charm and personality to the 3DS home screen.
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    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    Just hatched a shiny Joltik a few days ago, it only has 3 perfect IVs so I won't be training it for battle but it looks incredibly adorable!
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    Your "YES!" moments

    Well I seem to have been getting very lucky with my catches lately, since this morning I caught Cobalion first try in a luxury ball!
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    What music are you currently listening to?

    Weezer -"Across The Sea"
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    Your "YES!" moments

    Spoilers for ORAS Delta Episode below
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    Growing up, what did your parents ban you from?

    I was banned from most rated M games and rated R movies, but when I got to be around 10 they let me watch and play pretty much everything for some reason.
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    How many of you played through XY blind?

    I wish I could of played it totally blind since I think a game is most fun when you have no idea what to expect. But unfortunately I got spoiled accidentally on a lot of thing from my friends and the internet.
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    What music are you currently listening to?

    Opeth - "Serenity Painted Death"
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    How much money is in your wallet/purse/pockets?

    About 5 cents, I prefer to use my debt card for buying stuff rather than having a ton of money always on me.
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    Kotaku calls original Gen 3 games "one of the worst" ...thoughts?

    Eh, I have never been a fan of Kotaku since most of their articles are just pointless click bait. This is just another bad opinion based article made to rake in some more views and ad revenue for the site now and then be forgotten about quickly. I don't have a problem with opinion articles even...
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    Shiny Gengar distribution announced for Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Finl

    Re: Shiny Gengar distribution announced for Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Yes! I only live about 15 minutes from an EB Games so I am happy, but I still have no idea who at Nintendo thinks the codes are a good way to distribute event Pokemon. Since many of my friends who are also...
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    Mega Beedrill, Mega Pidgeot revealed: Player can fly on back of Latios or Latias

    Glad Beedrill and Pidgeot are getting megas. I really hope this gives them a chance to shine competitively now. Also I really love Mega Beedrill's design, might be my favorite new mega in terms of looks.
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    Community Battle Videos

    OU replay: DAT NU GOD vs. Crimson Shot - Pokémon Showdown This is why you don't mess with Slurpuff.
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    Games too outdated by now to enjoy

    I do find that gen I is very hard to play for me now due to how primitive it is compared to other games, I just find it really slow, ugly and honestly really boring outside of abusing glitches. Gen II is a lot better since it introduced many things in newer Pokemon but its still a bit hard to...
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    Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn

    No idea why Gastly can know the elemental punches, makes sense for its evolutions but not for it. Also why is it possible to teach Heatmor, Moltres and Pyroar Rain Dance?