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    Legendary Giveaway

    I've been scouring the GTS lately and I've gotten a nice supply of legendaries. Only thing is I know I'll never use them (already have living dex) SO why not give them back to the community? Rules + Info: All of these are non kalos native! (unless otherwise stated) Only one per person, I've...
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    GEN VI: LF: Keldeo

    Like the title says, I'm looking for Keldeo! It's the last event legend I need, so I'd like to get it as soon as possible. I can trade either a Toys R' Us Manaphy, a Japanese Mew, or Mewtwonite X. I also have french Pokeball Vivillion for trade, but I'd really like to save that if possible. All...
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    GEN VI: Legendaries!

    I'm focusing on getting all the non event legendaries right now for living dex, and I only need 3/4 more! The Legendaries I need are: Entei, Suicune, Landorus, Cresselia. I have White 2 so I should be able to get Cresselia, so that's not as high priority. I can offer: Legendaries from...
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    GEN VI: Bank Ball pokes + HA pokes

    Yo! I've been slowly embiggening my collection of bank ball pokes. Don't ask me why, but I go nuts for them. I'm also looking for HAs I don't have. I'm working on a living dex as well, so I'd really love legendaries I don't have and I'd be willing to trade multiple pokes for 1 legendary...
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    6IV Giveaway

    While breeding the other day I got a 6IV Quiet HA Ralts (female), and since I don't think I'll ever use it I want to give it to someone who will. I also have a 6IV Adamant Swarm Scyther (male) that I doubt I'll do anything with. Both are free to a good home :U
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    GEN VI: LF: Unown

    Heya, I'd love to have some different Unown letters, particularly ! and ? . I can offer the following: IV bred pokemon (Right now I only have scythers, dratinis, meditites, tentacools, ralts, and honedge. However, I'd be willing to IV breed a specific poke for an Unown) BP Items almost any...
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    Breeding Leftovers

    Yo! I'm getting into IV Breeding so I might be updating this occasionally with current leftovers. Don't really have anything specific I want in return. I'd like to just get them out of my pc! I'd love HA pokes I don't have or any poke with some perfect IVs if you wanna be nice, maybe you have...
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    Please rate my team!

    Heyo! I recently became an apprentice, and thus am very new to competitive battling. I was given homework and it was to post the team I used today! Edit March 14, 2014: Changed up a couple of things! Scizor @ Scizorite Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP / 40 Atk / 216 SDef Adamant Nature...
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    GEN VI: Wanted: Perfect IV Dittos

    Heyo! I'm trying to get into IV breeding and I have a couple dittos already with one or two perfect IVs, but I'm missing a few. I'm missing IVs for: Attack, Defense, and Speed. I have an extra Ditto with a perfect Sp. Atk IV. I can offer the following in exchange: Items: Shinies: HA...
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    GEN VI: LF: Legendaries for pokedex + other trades

    I'm currently at 613 for my pokedex and since this is the farthest I've ever gotten completing a dex so I'm pumped and really want to finish this. A lot of the pokes I'm missing are evolutions that I can do on my own (it will just take some time), but I do need help with some of the legendaries...
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    Lotus' PokePixels

    Yo! I do pixel arts and occasionally paint. Here are some stuff I've done recently.
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    Yo, you all can call me Lotus. I got Pokemon X somewhat recently and I've just completely fallen in love with Pokemon all over again. Before X, I hadn't played Pokemon since the original Silver so it's been a while but I knew I would get back into it eventually x-X