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    Hello everyone

    Thank you for the welcomes everyone!
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    My Colors! 3D Creations

    I love the WeeGee one, it looks very well one. I'm actually quite envious of your skill to be honest!
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    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    HGSS Sabrina, Skyla, Flannery, Elesa, and HGSS Misty Favorite being Sabrina
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    Favorite game generations

    I say my favorite Gen is II or V. I liked II because it had two regions, it was a lot more balanced that Gen I, and had the Gameboy color Charm. The Gen V also has the best graphics, the most possibilities with pokemon and moves, and it's just has a lot more features overall.
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    Am I the only one around here who...

    I liked that as well, especially since it had to do with the plot of the game and such, with Team Plasma interrupting your battling the Elite 4. Am I the only one that thinks a lot of the Gen III pokemon are a bit boring in terms of design?
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    Which pokemon game did you have the most fun with?

    I'd have to say crystal, since it was the first game I played when I could finally understand the majority of the game. Like with previous games, my reading capabilities weren't the best since I was a little kid and all. Also Crystal started the choice as playing a female, and it also has one of...
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    Did you ever use the special balls? (Heal balls, Luxuray Balls...etc etc...)

    I used them a lot in Gen IV, but I really don't use them for their abilities specifically, like I might run out of Ultra balls, so I start using those extra pokeballs I end up getting along the way when trying to catch a legendary or something.
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    VG Weekly Poll #54 Have you used a player character of the opposite gender?

    I usually play as the male, exceptions being in Crystal, Emerald, and Black2. I played as the female in crystal because playing as female was a new thing, and I thought it was great, in emerald because I played as the Male in ruby, and in Black2 because I really like Mei/Rosa's design.
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone! Just joined today, a friend told me about this forum so I looked around and it looks wonderful! I hope to get a long with all of you! :ksmile: