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    COMPLETE: No Freedom for Marionettes (TEEN)

    A/N: Inspired by an RP. Kotone x Lance Cannonshipping. T for violence. A side note as well, Kotone is seventeen-eighteen-ish, but she looks younger. You know, baby face. Lance is likely twenty-four or twenty-five. He's an Executive. This isn't set in Slowpoke Well per se; more like a generic...
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    Wonders: The Tale of Drew and Amy (Chapter Five Released!)

    Author's Note: This is a fanfic about Drew (May's rival) and his quest to find out who he is. At the same time, he meets Amy, a young girl who is just starting her Pokemon journey. Maybe she can illuminate his dark path, so long as he is a responsible guardian. And at the same time, the two will...
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    COMPLETE: My Life, My Harbinger

    [Author's Note: This is original fiction. No stealing. Thank you. This is kind of a weird story. It was a request, but I kind of bent my own rules about halfway through when I suddenly got an idea. Also, if anyone has read Scat by Carl Hiaasen, the teacher is based off of Mrs. Starch. Thanks...
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    COMPLETE: Internal Monster

    There's something inside of me, hairy and covered in horns, that wants to get out. It's mutiny of my body and mind. I don't know how much longer I can hold it back. That scares me, because the minute it gets through, I fall apart at the seams. I harbor a monster. Okay, so not a literal...
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    Silver Wind: A Co-Ordinating Fanfic. (Next Chapter Now Up!)

    [YO! READER! This is a contestshipping Pokemon fanfic. Take it or leave it. R&R is appreciated. This is also my own work and should remain MY OWN work. Stealing is wrong, kiddies. I wrote this last year on Quizilla.com. I may have missed a few edits though as I had very poor grammar at...
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    COMPLETE: All the World's a Cage

    {NOTE TO READER: This is not a fanfic. This is an original work that I wrote. I'd prefer if you didn't take my work and call it your own. That would make the world a better place, pretty much. I'm not exactly sure why I wrote this. If you can figure that out, be my guest. I always do need a...
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    COMPLETE: The Grin of a Psychopath

    Rated R Just in Case. Violence, plus drugs/alcohol references. Note to Readers: NOT A FANFIC. This is my own original work and I'd appreciate it if you refrained from copying it. I worked very hard on it. "It's only funny until someone gets hurt. Then, it's freakin' hilarious, James."...
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    COMPLETE: The Epitome of Beyond Loser

    {NOTE TO READER: This is not a fanfic. This is an original work. Enjoy it accordingly.} I'm on Facebook. It's funny, especially since I don't want to be on Facebook. That always happens, doesn't it? If you think "I don't want this to happen" it always does. Isn't that called reverse...
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    COMPLETE: The Airplane Experience

    {Note to reader: THIS IS NOT FANFICTION. This is original work of my own. However, I will refer to the work of others and properly quote them.} The radio holds nothing for me. I'm sitting in the stupid airplane. I hate airplanes! I don't understand how people can like them. You sit for...
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    COMPLETE: Come On Get Higher: A Finn Husdon Oneshot

    Glee Oneshot. This was a request and not published all too long ago. Finn Hudson. I do not own Glee or any of the song lyrics in this story. No copyright infringement intended. "I told you to stay away from me, Noah Puckerman!" Alie shrieked at the tall boy with the Mohawk. He looked...
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    COMPLETE: Exorbitance: A Twinleafshipping Valentine's Day Oneshot

    Yet another holiday-inspired oneshot. It was completed on V Day, but I thought I'd share it. Yet another request, although I am a Twinleafshipper. Enjoy. "I really hope you like it," Barry said as he presented the gift-wrapped lump to Dawn. His eyes were anxious, his palms were sweating...
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    How do you insert links into pictures?

    I know how to do it in HTML, but I am lost for php. I want it so that I can post a pic in my sig that will link back to my trade shop. Anyone know the php code for that? I feel like an idiot. Or a noob. Or something.
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    COMPLETE: Lost in Time: A Harry Potter Oneshot

    This is one of the best oneshots I've ever written and posted, or so I've been told. I hope you like it. It was another request, but I wanted to have fun with it. I do not own Harry Potter, the Harry Potter series, or any of that stuff. No copyright infringement intended. I can...
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    COMPLETE: Happy New Year: An Advanceshipping Oneshot

    As you all know, I'm an outspoken contestshipper, but this was a request that I could not deny. It was posted last year. This is one of the first oneshots I ever wrote. It's not perfect, but I do want some constructive criticism for it. Thanks everyone. "Oh my ARCEUS! What am I...