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    Exports from the 4 regions

    Hey guys, have you tried out exporting your Main Team from R/S/E to D/P/P to.. until B/W? It's really a good experience having your Pokémon taste a different environment. I have mine, from Diamond, I put it to SoulSilver. I was planning to put THOSE Pokémon to my Black catridge. I was referring...
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    Do you think Dawn's mini skirt was too short?

    Do you think Dawn's mini skirt was too short for her....? :disgust:
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    Can you make real PokéBalls in real life using Apricorns? :bounce:
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    Is Ash's Pokédex indestructible or something?

    There are many times that when Ash discovers a new Pokémon, that certain Pokédex is in his pocket. But there are times too that Ash falling in the water...What happen to his Pokédex? It should not be responding anymore...right? :7up:
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    Our Former President Cory Aquino has died at the age of 74

    :bawling:We are truly grateful that god has given us a good president from the past....May God shower her a bunch of Happiness at the heaven...Goodbye Ma'am
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    What do you think about Gyarados part Flying type?

    Before i joined Bulbapedia..i am confused about Gyarados' being part Flying type...I think thay should change Gyarados type too....dont forget to put your comments pls.
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    Your Predictions about Ash and his friends Pokémon here

    Hehe I will put my Pokémon Predictions...here and pls. dont forget to put ur comments. Ash: Pikachu Monferno Torterra Staraptor Buizel Gliscor Dawn: Piplup Loppuny Pachirisu Chikorita Brock: Toxicroak Chansey Sudowoodo Magmar
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    James [Team Rocket]

    Do you think that James is compatible for Team Rocket or not?Well you can discuss it here...
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    Ohh...ok you can write ur discussion here regarding the 12th movie hey ho.....Arceus To Conquering Space Time relations to HG/SS...coming soon