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    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    Game Freak is increasingly wanting to diverge away from normative Pokemon games, so I don't think we'll be getting DP/P remakes. We'll probably be getting some Sinnoh comeback, of some sorts, but I think that remakes, right now, are out of the question. They are just too predictable; with the Z...
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    Secrets of the Elite Four...revealed! (Nintendo Dream Interview)

    hence having fallen from grace/a wealthy family, he decided to get into gambling to win money... he also decided to get into promiscuity? perhaps not wearing socks is a sign of grimsley indulging in some foot fetishist's fantasies at the casino ;p
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    Gen V Disapointment

    good idea! i'll go send letters to all those magazines which criticized albums and rated them with low scores! ... no one went around saying, "make a better album since you gave it a poor rating!!!" when allmusic rated an album three stars out of five and criticized it. no one was dumb enough...
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    Gen V Disapointment

    - how they crammed the eastern island with pokémon from other regions: they should have spread old pokémon all over the region, not just in a certain area. - how the gym leaders' pokémon are underleveled compared to the player's pokémon. - how they didn't incorporate new things to do with...
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    The General Anime Discussion Thread

    Re: The General Anime Discussion Thread {Formely 'The Pokemon Anime Marathon'} arrowroot town? pastoria city? looks like they used the same template.
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    Third Version?

    pokémon arsenic ! arsenic is a shade of gray, and it's also a chemical element. though its scientific definition is pretty much irrelevant to the black & white story. but it'd be really interesting to have them make some sort of retcon of the current story. team plasma could release some sort...
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    Localized Names

    Re: English names hmm dent: gregory (grass) pod: fred (fire/red) corn: walter (water) aloe: basia/basimah/regina/aviva (basic/regular/average) arti: grant (ant) kamitsure: tracey (electricity) yacon: roy (erosion) fuuro: wendy/skyla/skylee (windy/sky) hachiku: cole (cold) shaga: --...
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    The Isshu Region in the games

    boredom leads to this, idk.
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    Contest: Bite vs. Faint Attack

    bite. i never use faint attack.
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Confirmed New Pokémon Discussion emonga would probably be in my top 10. here's my top 5: 1. mamanbou 2. mamepato 3. kurumiru 4. musharna 5. miruhoggu mamanbou looks amazing. {:
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    near aloe's face:
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    it doesn't matter whether the rainbow badge has many colours or not; we can clearly see that it's based on a flower. dento's badge, however, doesn't seem to be based on any grass-related thing (a tree, a flower, a plant, etc.). it might though, we just haven't figured it out yet. and as i said...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Confirmed New Pokémon Discussion a fetus. =D
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    so? it's the first gym; it's bound to be easy. dento: yanappu player: pokabu, mamepato dento: water-type player: tsutaja, kurumiru dento: fire-type player: mijumaru you shouldn't have any problems defeating him with these pokémon. they're early pokémon, so you'll get...
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    So does this mean Iris and Dento have no goals?

    doesn't mean it won't happen on the show. the contests were blatantly different from the ones in the games, so i don't see why the writers wouldn't do that with the isshu gyms, despite the fact that winning badges is the main goal. that would be the best solution for iris so that she wins...
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    So does this mean Iris and Dento have no goals?

    except we don't know how the gyms will turn out this time around. for all we know, ash and iris could battle as a pair on the show to win badges.
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    Pokémon Sunday and Oha Suta Discussion Thread

    i hope they give us more information regarding the gyms. some footage would be nice too. or at least confirmation regarding dento and aloe's specialties.
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    How are you feeling today?

    a little tired. yawn. i'm so cold D: