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    GEN VI: LF Unused Codes FT Codes, Events

    Hey I'm looking for any unused Pokemon code except for Dragonite ^^ I can offer these codes: Dragonite Codes x78 7-11 Codes x2 Lugia PAL Rayquaza Codes x1 HK Rayquaza Codes x2 And a pretty large amount of 3rd-6th Gen Events. My list is a bit too big to fit but if you're looking for...
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    GEN VI: LF New Events FT Look Inside

    Hi everyone ^^ I'm looking for these new events preferably with proof: Strategy Guide Shaymin Movie Manaphy 7/11 Serena's Pancham 7/11 Ash's Pikachu 7/11 Latios 7/11 Latias Tanabata Jirachi 2015 -Pokemon XY OT: おりひめ Other languages of Tanabata 2015 Jirachi, Movie Hoopa, Lab Starters I can...
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    Hannah's Trading Thread

    Hi I'm always on the lookout for Event pokes! All my events are UT. Everything on my list will be cloned. Hopefully you see something you like ^^ Info: FC: 0018-2917-4419 IGN: Hannah Time Zone: PST/GMT-7 Wants: Any UT Events not on my list Any UT Event with a language different from what...
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    Hannah's Trading Thread 2.0

    All my events are UT. For my events, I'm looking for UT events I don't have, UT XY/ORAS Shiny Legendaries, UT XY/ORAS competitive Legendaries, and UT competitive events. Everything on my list will be cloned. Hopefully you see something you like ^^ Specific Wants: Spring Carnival 2015 Shiny...
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    Hannah's Trading Thread

    I have every released breedable HA (See below for reference) and I can breed for any ability, gender, nature, 5IVs, HP, trick room, just about every special ball, a good amount of egg moves and a good amount of Bank Balls. (See below for reference) Please be as specific as possible in your...
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    HA Pokemon

    Edit: list completed, thanks for the help!
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    GEN VI: LF Keldeo and Victini

    Hi, I'm looking for an event Keldeo and Victini with event ribbons, I don't mind if they're clones but no hacks please. I can offer event Shaymin, Arceus. Meloetta, or Diancie Thanks!
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    GEN VI: LF Mew

    Hi I'm looking for an event Mew, I don't mind if it's cloned but no hacks please! I can trade a shiny event Genesecet. Oh, I have a very badly hacked Mew if anyone's interested too :-/
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    Phione Giveaway

    I wanted to thank the Bulbagarden Community for being so kind and helpful so I decided to do this to give back. Tha Phiones are all level 1. I'm breeding with a destiny knot Ditto so they have 3-6 max IVs. If you could leave your IGN and FC on this thread we can set up a trade thanks! FC...
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    GEN VI: LF: 6 IV Ditto

    I've been trying to get into breeding lately so this ditto would help a lot. I don't have a lot of good pokemon to offer but I have a few shinies or some legendaries I could trade. Any help would be appreciated.
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    GEN VI: Cloning Diancie

    I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to clone my Diancie for me. In return, you could keep one of the clones. Let me know if you can help :) thanks