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  1. Mite75

    Guess the next poster's favourite Pokemon

    not my favorite but i like it a lot! Politoed?
  2. Mite75

    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead FC: 5284-2398-5527 3DS name: maria i don't know what is in my friend safari sorry :c please give me a pm or vm if you want to add me so i can add you back!
  3. Mite75

    Random Messages 9

    the first game I ever played was either pokemon red or blue.
  4. Mite75

    Random Messages 9

    I eat way too many pretzels...
  5. Mite75

    Random Messages 9

    My dad flies a lot in his airplane.
  6. Mite75

    Random Messages 9

    if the flying eeveelution wont be able to use the move fly i will be so upset XI
  7. Mite75

    Last Poster Wins [v8]

    I win because i really like milkshakes.
  8. Mite75

    Random Messages 9

    Hi! and i really want to know sylveon's type too XC
  9. Mite75

    Mystery Egg Giveaway!

    I'm ready to trade anytime today.
  10. Mite75

    Shiny Eevee or Ralts

    I would really like a shiny Eevee or Ralts at level 20 or lower I don't care if they are hacked as long as they wont screw up my game. in return I have: Aggron lv. 56 nature: Impish, quick tempered Attack: 145 Defense:233 Sp. Atk: 71 Sp. Def 88 Speed:68 Ability: Rock Head (Most likely...
  11. Mite75

    Mystery Egg Giveaway!

    can i please have 2 eggs? :3
  12. Mite75

    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    Its snowing where I am.
  13. Mite75

    Random Messages 9

    I think that would be cool!
  14. Mite75

    Random Messages 9

    Re: Random Messages 8 I don't have many shiny pokemon.
  15. Mite75

    Used Metronome!

  16. Mite75

    Guess the next user to post

    Nope Hilbert?
  17. Mite75

    Tea in the Garden

    That is good. My computer can run really slow sometimes too -.-
  18. Mite75

    A Pokemon Starting With...

  19. Mite75

    Saddest Anime/Manga You Watched/Read...:'(

    No. 6 made me cry near the ending ;~; and so did Clannad: After Story....