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  1. Sylver Hummingbird

    Better late than never...

    So people. I have been here for approximately a year. But I never got to introduce myself. I am acquainted with a lot of you people. But not loads. My name is CrownOfFierySylver. Usually referred to as Fiery, Sylver or COFS. I love playing Pokémon obviously. I share many interests as well. E.g...
  2. Sylver Hummingbird

    Lyra's talk on the phone

    Well, I just realised whatever she says changes with location and I noted down and tested everything she says: Lyra on the phone: Newbark town: Go show off Pokes' to mom Route 29: Chikorita likey Cherrygrove: Walk on the beach Route 30: Totodile likey Route 31: Cyndaquil likey Violet: Bellsprout...
  3. Sylver Hummingbird

    The Oekaki

    I think I signed up too much... I meant to do it once and thought there was a problem so i tried again. If there a like a million names including sylver in them on the pending list please don't let them be accepted ok?