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    my avatar isn't working properly...

    my old avatar was this: the background of this image is transparent. when you see my posts around the forum, you see the image with a transparent background. when you go on my profile, you see it with a transparent background as well. i changed my avatar to this: again, the...
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    Do you like the way the Kanto Battle Frontier saga got handled?

    i'm bringing up something that happened aaaages ago, i know. as we all know, after the hoenn saga, ash went back to kanto to compete in the battle frontier. may, max, and brock followed him, and may competed in contests. when you first heard that ash would be going back to kanto, what were...
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    what's your name?

    so what's your name?
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    do you like b/w so far? what are you most excited about?

    based on the information and the pokémon revealed so far, what are your thoughts regarding the games as a whole? we've seen 30+ pokémon so far. please vote for an option. =D
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    ash's pokémon: rate 'em!

    i'd like you to rate them in order of strength. i made a template for yooouu :D grass-types: water-types: fire-types: flying-types: normal-types: bug-types: ground-types: other: for example, ash's got four grass-type pokémon: bulbasaur, bayleef, sceptile, & torterra. if you think bayleef is...
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    earthquake shakes montreal and ottawa.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100623/wl_canada_afp/canadaearthquake_20100623181233 we felt it... it was really scary. i thought i was gonna die lmfao. i couldn't help but think, "oh shit! everything's gonna collapse!" thank god nothing spectacular happened... :/
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    have they ever shown fuchsia city on the show?

    i know the gang reached the fuchsia gym, but it never really was *in* fuchsia city. it was in some sort of forest, if i recall. when they traveled to kanto again for the battle frontier, was the place where may's eevee hatched fuchsia city?
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    Does it piss you off when people stare at you just because you look different?

    i get so angry whenever someone stares at me just because i wear something out of the ordinary. i find it so insulting and disrespectful. like they look at you as if you're some sort of alien. plus, when they're with someone else, they tend to talk behind your back and say things such as, "oh...
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    Area(s) Accessible Outside of Isshu? (No talking about what Isshu is based on)

    perhaps the 5th generation's region will allow the player to travel to kanto, johto, hoenn, or sinnoh. the old region could be in the 2 main versions, as it could be exclusive to the 3rd one. would you like the new games to allow the player to go back to a region that's already been visited...
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    what happened to my threads?

    so i was looking at my threads, and i was like where did they go? there was "have you got a partner," "what is your sexual orientation," and a loooot more. . . edit: and what about my threads asking for advice?
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    dragonair VS weepinbell.

    which one do you like the most? dragonair, the thick, very looong dragon pokémon, or weepinbell, the naughty flycatcher pokémon? weepinbell is just an underestimated pokémon, and people tend to use dragonite over dragonair, so i thought it'd be interesting to see... who won! :D
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    What are you most excited about?

    Vote for an option and... explain your choice. I'm curious.
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    The Battle Frontier.

    Here are 6 Battle Facilities I've done... because... I was... bored. : | The Battle Tower The Battle Factory The Battle Mansion The Battle Lagoon The Battle Bakery The Battle Hive Nevermind the blurriness... they're not like that, normally. Something...
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    Michael Jackson dead at 50.