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    hidden notes?

    hey guys, i remember there being a notes thing on your profile where you could write stuff down and all that way back when i was an active member. i'm just wondering if its still around or if it even existed? i wrote down my SID and trying to get that back
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    (: Bisharp :) and Psycho Deoxys' Sprite shop!

    Hello, welcome to our sprite shop. MY RULES: 1.I take 3 requests(Psycho Deoxys might take 3 as well), I will have a waiting list. :) 2.Please write with good spelling. 3.I have school, so be paient 4 To prove you read my rules, please put this * in your request. 5.(Psycho Deoxys')All...
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    Rufflet's Sprite Shop!

    Hello, I'm Rufflet and this is my sprite shop. OK, Rules 1.I take 5 requests at a time 2.No swearing in this thread 3.Don't rush me 4.1 request per day 5.Bulbagarden rules apply too 6.READ ALL RULES, to prove you did, put this * in front of your request. Starting from January the 3rd of...
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    Hello,I'm new (^-^)

    Hello,I'm new And I just wanted to get to know everyone here,and where all the stuff are :ksmile: I get excited when I have messages :spam: but not too much