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    Study suggests genetic link between homosexual men and their maternal relatives.

    Character length in the title box prevented me from elaborating the title beyond the obvious, but hopefully everyone understands what's implied. Factors Associated with Higher Fecundity in Female Maternal Relatives of Homosexual Men - Camperio Ciani - 2012 - The Journal of Sexual Medicine -...
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    Tomba! to be released on PSN this summer.

    Tomba! comes to PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic this summer | Joystiq As one who's been waiting forever for Tomba! to get re-released in some fashion, I'm absolutely ecstatic. Gonna have to "borrow" my brother's PS3 this summer. And here's hoping Tomba! 2 gets the same treatment.
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    "Figure it Out" returns to Nick for another round

    'Figure it Out' returns to Nickelodeon | PopWatch | EW.com To reiterate, this is not simply taking the old episodes and re-airing them, which the The 90s Are All That! segment does. This is a full-blown revival of the game show, and will likely host the modern Nick cast, like Drake Bell...
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    Sony Super Smash Bros.

    The time is now for the big PlayStation 3 game reveal! — Paul Gale Network Take this with a grain of salt, but Paul Gale has written articles for 1Up and CVG, so he does have some relations within the video game industry. And considering Sony's methods of operations recently concerning fan...
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    Nickelodeon Going Old School: "The 90's are All That"

    The 90s Are All That (NEW PROMO) - YouTube Due to popularity and fan feedback, Nickelodeon is going to start airing some of its old 90s cartoons, game shows, and regular shows on Teen Nick, every weeknight from midnight to 4 am, ET, and weekends from 4 pm to 6 pm, ET. The time slot is a bit...
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    Cupid's Associates: A Shippers Profiling Thread;

    This was approved by Roronoa Zorua. Not sure on the extra post on the bottom though. With so many shippers known here, posting in many threads, it’s hard to know what exactly they like and where their stance is on shipping. So, I figured it would help us all if we were to make profiles for...
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    What types of shipping fanfiction do you you like to read?

    *Obligatory "If-this-does-sit-well-with-rules-please-close-it" statement here* A whole bunch of shippers who have ever shipped a ship have most likely read stories made by authors who support the same ship, in order to see the ship in a new light or from a different angle. But what kind of...