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  1. Alolan Ninetales

    Snowpoint Academy OOC thread

    @Lone_Garurumon @Flaze @Rocket Queen @Prez @Midorikawa @Mad Max @Ananfal @SpatiallyRendering @Gengarzilla @Yun @Ryoma Maser @Naoto This is where you can post any questions, ideas, comments! If you want to say anything here, feel free to. ^^
  2. Alolan Ninetales

    Start Ups Snowpoint Academy

    Winter seemed to be year around in the area surrounding Snowpoint City, and the part of Mt. Coronet that faced it. Heavy snow and unforgiving winds howled, yet there was no sound. The academy was well cloaked in the constant precipitation. However, it is a well known academy within the Sinnoh...
  3. Alolan Ninetales

    MEMO: Welcome our newest staff member!

    If you haven't seen the latest results of the staff drive, I'm pleased to announce that @Midorikawa has joined us in the ranks as RP staff. I know she'll make a wonderful asset to the team, and will do a great job. So please join me in welcoming her as the newest Rp mod! Congratulations!
  4. Alolan Ninetales

    Sign Ups Snowpoint Academy

    Deep within in the Sinnoh Region, there's an academy that stands in the outskirts of Snowpoint City. It is based near Mt. Coronet, and is surrounded by woods, lakes, and the caves within Mt. Coronet's walls. It has been called one of the more prestigious academies throughout Sinnoh. Students...
  5. Alolan Ninetales

    ATTENTION: The staff drive is now live!

    Hello my lovelies! We are having a forum-wide staff drive and we're looking for moderators for the RP section! As an RP moderator, you'll be expected to: Being able to handle complaints from users and GMs in a professional manner. Being active in the section by participating in Rps/Creating...
  6. Alolan Ninetales

    ATTENTION: New RP Rules (as of 8/8/2017)

    Hey, lovelies! We've created a new set of rules for the section! As such, they don't differ too much from the older set of rules (minus a few things). We hope they're easier to understand, and that you take your time to read them. Also keep in mind to also read the new general forum rules...
  7. Alolan Ninetales

    Start Ups Hidden

    @WolfOwl @Hanzo in Plain Sight @Akame @Prez @Yun NOTE: Your characters can already be residents here, or they can just be arriving here for the first time. I'll let you take your pick. ============================ The winter seasons in Boulder weren't ever as glorious as tourist brochures...
  8. Alolan Ninetales

    Sign Ups Hidden

    I was actually inspired by two Rps and used ideas from both of those to make this RP idea. So I need to thank @Yun and @Flaze for the two rps that inspired me to make this. Without further ado, let's get this started! ============================================================ In a...
  9. Alolan Ninetales

    ATTENTION: Bulbagarden RP Discord is Closed

    The Bulbagarden RP Discord is now open! Just remember that Bulbagarden Forum rules will apply to the discord server as well! I hope you all will have a good time! :) EDIT: The Discord RP is closed.
  10. Alolan Ninetales

    Bulbagarden Roleplaying Section Conversational thread

    Since the last one was so out of date and since we're seeing a new influx of users, it's been decided that we start a new chat thread for you guys. You can talk about anything here from Rps, to pets, to movies, and more! Just remember the forum rules and have fun! ♥
  11. Alolan Ninetales

    ATTENTION: Welcoming a new mod to the section!

    As you know, with the staff drive now over and new mods are announced. We have a new mod joining us for the RP section! Please give a warm welcome to @Yun; as he joins us in our ranks and helps RP make it the best it can be! :)
  12. Alolan Ninetales

    Team Snow

    Johto: A vast, enriching, wondrous region that borders the Kanto region. Today was a special day for many trainers. It was the day that they would start their Pokemon Journey. They were all sent to Newbark Town, and to receive their Pokemon from Professor Elm. Currently, he had just handed some...
  13. Alolan Ninetales

    Silver Hill University (Start Ups)

    Yang Xiao Long; Flaze; Neopolitan; Rolling Girl; Terram; Detective Calvin; OOC: There will be an OOC thread where I'll explain some things about the college and so forth. Freshman students, post as if you're moving into your dorms. Sophomore students, you get free reign on what to post...
  14. Alolan Ninetales

    Sign Ups Silver Hill University

    Note:This is a Slice of Life style RP. This RP will also some mature elements (drugs, alcohol, etc.) and some sensitive material throughout the progress of the RP. If you don't feel comfortable with such things then this RP is not for you...
  15. Alolan Ninetales

    Start Ups Pokemon Advanced: The Johto Region (START UP)

    Johto: A vast, enriching, wondrous region that borders the Kanto region. Today was a special day for many trainers. It was the day that they would start their Pokemon Journey. They were all sent to Newbark Town, and to receive their Pokemon from Professor Elm. Currently, he had just handed some...
  16. Alolan Ninetales

    Pokemon Advanced: The Johto Region (INFORMATION, OOC AND DISCUSSION THREAD)

    Okay, so to everyone who has been accepted... Hi! and welcome! :D Also, this Rp has a lot of changes, so everything you think you know is complete booty! We will have new megas, some new gym leaders, new methods to mega evolution, and so forth. Also, the RP HAS NOT begun yet, so for now, we...
  17. Alolan Ninetales

    Sign Ups Pokemon Advanced: The Johto Region (Journey RP)

    It's the year 2025, and technology as well as Pokemon have advanced. New ways to train Pokemon, New gym leaders, new mega evolutions, and so on! What you decide to do is your choice, and you will have your Pokemon to guide you. Will you follow the trainer route or perhaps something more? Will...
  18. Alolan Ninetales

    ATTENTION: The idea box

    Well, it's that time again folks! We'd like to hear from YOU what you'd like to see in the Role-playing section. Have ideas to boost activity? Post them. Have ideas to help the community? Post them! Ideas to help promote RP? Post them! We'd like to hear all ideas and suggestions you may have...
  19. Alolan Ninetales

    The mystery of the Melody. (Me and Yun)

    Yun;; Where am I? How did I get here? More importantly...who am I?] For the past few days, tsunami like waves and storms had been pounding on the eastern coasts, but they soon passed. It was the first day that had decent weather, and was safe for people to exit their homes. It had been...
  20. Alolan Ninetales

    Start Ups Newfound Academy (Third time is a charm?)

    Midorikawa; Flaze; Flannery; Heartist; Infinity Storm; Stardust_Trainer; Heroic Sociopath; Prez; Kamen_Fanatic; GastlyGibus; Marius; ------------------------------------------------ Date: Monday, August 13th Time: 11:00 am Location: Newfound Academy, Johto It was time...