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    LF: DWF Spearow

    Just like the title says, looking for any DWF Spearow (if I can have a choice in nature that would be FANTASTIC, but not an absolute necessity. Can offer the following: DWF: Absol, Bagon, Cubone, Delibird, Druddigon, Ducklett, Eevee, Heracross, Houndour, Igglybuff, Goldeen, Growlithe...
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    OF: DWF Pokemon, Egg Move Pokemon, Stones & Items

    Hey all! Here's what I have to offer: DW Pokemon Egg Move Pokemon Items Not looking for much. First and foremost, I need some B/W2 tutoring on some B/W1 Pokemon. Specifically Spite to a Poochyena and Endeavor to a Taillow. Once that is taken care of I'll happily accept Vitamins, and less...
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    Anyone offering BW2 move tutoring yet?

    I figured it was time to ask. I'd love to work out a deal with someone if they are. I can offer various DWF, egg move Pokemon, and items. I also have the ability to buy Shards on my version of Black if need be. Let me know, thanks!
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    Gimme Some Vitamins! (OF: Multiple DWF, Egg Move Pokes, Various Others, Items)

    I want a whole lot of Vitamins! Any kind will do! A whole bunch to offer, simply for your Vitamins! Here's what I have to offer: Dream World Females (and Males!): An * indicates Pokemon would need to be bred if requested Eevee Vulpix (w/ Extrasensory) Houndour (w/ Punishment) Poochyena (w/...
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    Male Starly/Ducklett/Rufflet with good Attack IV (Completed!)

    I'm going to breed Brave Bird onto a Taillow, and I'd also like to give it a very good Attack IV, so what I need is a male Pokemon from its egg group that can pass on both the move and the IV. I can offer the following DWF: Vulpix, Eevee, Poochyena, Houndour, Zigzagoon, Pichu. I have lot's of...
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    DWF (Eevee, Vulpix, Houndour, Taillow), Egg Moves (Zorua, Cyndaquil), Items

    Offering: Zorua (Dark Pulse) Male: Bashful, Calm, Lonely, Jolly, Sassy, Hasty, Brave, Naughty, Careful, Rash, Mild, Quiet, Timid, Timid, Adamant, Hardy, Naive Female: Gentle, Adamant, Lonely, Impish, Mild, Lax, Relaxed, Relaxed, Modest, Brave, Bashful, Hasty, Quirky, Sassy, Docile, Timid...
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    LF: Power Anklet, Power Band (COMPLETED!)

    LF: Power Anklet, Power Belt, Power Band OF: DWF Eevee (males available as well) DWF Vulpix w/ Extrasensory DWF Pichu DWF Zigzagoon w/ Tickle Zorua w/ Dark Pulse (both genders) Cyndaquil w/ Extrasensory (both genders) Hold Items: Adamant Orb, Amulet Coin, DeepSeaScale...
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    LF: Female Zigzagoon (Completed!)

    Yes, I actually want a Zigzagoon. Now first, a question if someone could answer it for me, have Zigzagoon been released in the DreamWorld, and more importantly as a female? If so, I'd love a DWF Zigzagoon, but barring that, any ol' female Zigzagoon would do. Offering: DWF Pichu, DWF Eevee...
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    LF: Power Bracer (Completed!)

    Looking for a Power Bracer. Can offer a DWF Pichu, a Zorua w/ Dark Pulse, some DW Eevees (all males), a Cyndaquil, or one of the various EVO stones and Hold Items I have: Hold Items: Adamant Orb, Amulet Coin, DeepSeaScale, DeepSeaTooth, Destiny Knot, Dragon Scale, Dubious Disc, Eviolite...
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    LF: Female Zorua w/ Quiet nature

    So I've spent the last 2 or 3 days (I've honestly lost count) trying to breed for a female with the nature quiet and I'm having the worst luck and I'm about to beat my own head in with my DS, so if anyone has a Quiet Zorua (that I can then slap an Everstone on a breed Dark Pulse onto) you would...
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    OF: DWF Pichu

    Got a whole mess of DWF Pichu I just bred. Natures are as follow: Naughty, Bold, Naive, Lax, Careful, Jolly, Adamant, Rash, Sassy, Relaxed, Quirky, Brave, Lonely I'm looking for BrightPowder and PP Up/PP Max primarily. Feel free to make any offer though. PMs are welcome. Cheers!
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    LF: Female Cyndaquil, Pichu/Pikachu, Zorua

    Looking for the following Pokemon: Female Cyndaquil Female Pichu Female Zorua Level and nature don't matter, I'm going to use them for breeding. I just finished replaying through White so the bulk of what I have to offer is items, however I'm willing to let go of multiple things for...
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    Offering: UT Pokemon w/ Hidden Ability & Egg Moves, Various Items & Stones

    Everything must go! All available Pokemon are UT, Female, and have their Hidden Ability and an Egg Move. Vulpix, Drought Ability, Egg Move Hypnosis: Natures: Lax, Hasty, Adamant, Impish (x2), Brave, Hardy, Mild, Careful, Naive, Sassy Houndour, Unnerve Ability, Egg Move Spite: Natures: Jolly...
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    Offering: DW Males Poochyena and Taillow, UT Female Eevee w/ Hidden Ability

    Lv. 10 DW Poochyena - Male - Calm Lv. 10 DW Taillow - Male - Timid UT Eevee - Female - Naughty - Has Hidden Ability (Anticipation), Egg Move Curse Looking to offload these three, a PP Max or PP Up and they are yours. Feel free to make other offers, though. PM or VM is totally fine.
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    Offering UT Drought Vulpix w/ Hypnosis

    In the process of breeding a bunch of UT Drought Vulpix w/ Hypnosis. Following are available: Female: Calm Lax Hasty Adamant Bold Lonely Impish (x2) Brave Hardy Mild Timid (Traded!) Sassy Naive Male: Lonely Adamant Gentle Hasty Quirky Looking for: Dream World females w/ Hidden Ability...
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    Looking For Female DreamWorld Pokemon (Vulpix, Poochyena, Taillow, Houndour, Eevee)

    I'm looking for some female pokemon with their special ability for breeding. Have a variety of stuff to offer, so PM me and let me know what you're looking for and hopefully we can work something out. Thanks! Edit: No longer need the Vulpix.