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    What's the most interesting word you've read?

    I like anomalous words that I haven't heard/read before and it's a personal priority of mine to make a mental note of and use any that I find, so it would be interesting to see what other people have come across. Please provide a definition and/or a link to a definition of each word (if not...
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    502 Bad Gateway/503 Service Unavailable

    I am frequently getting these messages when trying to navigate these forums. Is there any way to stop these errors?
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    Pimp My Title!

    Ohai. Post what usertitle you want the above user to have. The user must then change their title to that for at least 24 hours (or until they post here again and are suggested a new title) Don't post here if you're not willing to change your usertitle (unless you have a question about the...
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    Unwanted Subscribtions

    I keep getting loads of e-mails about threads I haven't subscribed to, and they're all threads that I've posted in. So basically, how do I stop automatic subscriptions to every thread that I post in? Do I have some setting on in User CP that causes this?
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    Contest: Gallade VS. Escavalier

    VS Gallade: the Blade Pokemon VS. Escavalier: the Cavalry Pokemon Both used in old battling techniques in the real world ^^; So: Which one would win in a battle? Which has the best stats/typing/movepool? Which looks cooler design-wise? Which do you like better altogether? Personally, I pick...
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    Attack the user above you with the image above you!

    One user puts an image into their post, and the next has to fight the user above with said item, and then put in their own image. For example: User B: *uses the gun in the picture to shoot you* [image of their own that includes coffee somewhere] User C: *throws coffee from the picture into...
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    About the E-mail...

    I made another account for the Halloween Party but I put the wrong E-Mail address in the signing-up form and I want to change it so that I can get the verification E-Mail and post. I linked the account to my main one already if that helps you answer the question... Thanks!
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    What happens when Legendaries are caught?

    For example, if Palkia was caught, why isn't space falling apart while he/she's in their pokeball? Or is it just happening veeeery slowly? (I searched through plenty o' threads but couldn't find anything like this.)
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    What are in those pokemon?

    I searched through loads of thread and couldn't find anything like this, but if there's one that I overlooked, please close this thread. Some pokemon are really suspicious, like diglett (personally, I think under him is some sort of body builder's body) and forretress (something's hiding under...
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    Has anyone ever tried or succeeded into telling you lies about pokemon when you first started playing the game, whether or not they knew if it was true or not? Have you ever done the same thing to someone else? For me it was my cousin who'd tell me all the lies, and he believed in them. He...
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    Sprite Nicknaming

    Ok. So i wasn't sure were to put this thread, but i thought this would be the best place. This is were you put a pokemon sprite and have other people in the thread suggest nicknames for it. To make it easier for others please give some information about the sprite with it, and if it was made...
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    Hello from the newbie

    I'm new to bulbagarden and internet threads in general but not to the pokemon games. I joined cause of reading smart comments like ones from PlatinumDude. well bye! (i really hope this is how its supposed to be done:phew:)