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  1. Chidamari Sketch

    The Avatar above embarks on a Pokemon Journey...

    I legitimately didn't realize that the "The above Avatar goes on a Pokemon journey" thread was buried till now, so I felt the need to bring it back here with a few minor alterations. The concept is fairly simple: The above avatar has undertaken a Pokemon journey. You make a team consisting up...
  2. Chidamari Sketch

    What Pokemon Team would the above character have?

    Simply put, just think of a Pokemon Team that the character mentioned by the previous user. The only real rule in this game is that the character in question should not be an existing Pokemon character. Why? Well, it's just better to just think of what a character's team would be instead of...
  3. Chidamari Sketch

    What moveset would the above user have?

    Fairly simple, just think of a moveset that might fit the person above you. You can post any movesets you can think of based on the above user's avatar, signature, etc. Anyway, let's start The above user would have the moves Splash, Celebrate, Hold Hands, and Happy Hour
  4. Chidamari Sketch

    Rate the Above User's profile page

    Simple, see the above users profile page and rate it on a scale of 0/10 to 10/10 (along with the reason why you rated it that)
  5. Chidamari Sketch

    Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (WataMote)

    Has anyone read (or at least heard of) this manga?
  6. Chidamari Sketch

    Contest: Salamander Off! Wooper line vs. Charmander line vs. Magby line vs. Salamence!

    Which one has the better design? Which one is more worth using? Which one is more salamander-like?
  7. Chidamari Sketch

    Contest: Sableye & Mawile duo vs. Plusle & Minun duo

    Which one has the better design? Which one is more worth using?
  8. Chidamari Sketch

    Contest: Lilligant vs. Whimsicott

    Which one is more cuter, better looking, or useful (your own taste), Whimsicott or Lilligant? (or both)
  9. Chidamari Sketch

    Pokémon from any Gen you find cute?

    Yes, Metalpriest has made a thread for cute Pokémon, but he said that it's Gen 1 only, which I personally find it to be diminishing the variety of cute Pokémon there are.... Anyway, are there any Pokémon you find cute? Some of the Pokémon I find cute are Sableye, Elgyem, Lilligant, Snorunt &...
  10. Chidamari Sketch

    Underrated Pokemon you like?

    Are there any Pokémon that you like that aren't very popular? Some of my favorite underrated Pokémon are (but not limited to) Mawile, Elgyem & Beheeyem, Beedrill, Carnivine, Exeggutor, Garbodor, and Magcargo
  11. Chidamari Sketch


    Ohai guys. Although I'm new, I've been scurrying around the strange alleys of the Bulba-Garden for a long time. Now that I've signed, how about I introduce myself? As you can tell by my Username, my favemon is Sableye (I have a lot of other faves though, such as Magnemite, Mawile, Meloetta...