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    I can't think of an original thread title. D:

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I'm sure I'm going to feel right at home here on the Forums. I'll be sending friend requests to everyone who posted here in the next few minutes. ^^
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat-Thread: Vol. 2

    I don't really know either of the previous users to post, but... Hello, Cosmo Devin and NyaChan! ^^
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    Reason behind your username

    Re: The Etymology of Your username Short for "Your Friendly Neighborhood Guest", this name was conceived on a previous forum I was on when I was posting in the Chat Box. I posted under "Guest" since I wasn't registered at the time of conception. I was chatting with a Mod when another Mod...
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat-Thread: Vol. 2

    So, hypothetically, if I asked you to jump off a bridge, would you smile and nod? Just saying.
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat-Thread: Vol. 2

    Seems that way. Maybe he should just be situational instead? Check out my avvie, made it myself ^^. I'm a terrible artist, so I think it's a step forward for me. (Sorry for spontaneously jumping in here - I'm trying to get to 15 posts so I can actually write Visitor Messages and PMs! xD )
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    How are you feeling today?

    Feelin' like Sunday morning: a little tired, but I feel refreshed and ready to start the week. Usually, Mondays are the hardest days for me to get out of bed, but Sundays, I'm feeling okay! This is probably a bad thing, seeing as how it is Monday, and all...
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    I can't think of an original thread title. D:

    Hello, I'm Neighborhood-Guest. :look: A little about me...well, I signed up for the URPG, and, if all goes well, I'm hoping to be (one of) the first to successfully capture a wild PorygonZ. Don't ask me why I'd put myself through that, since I honestly don't know myself. I suppose I'm doing...