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  1. Rainami

    Pseudo Birthday

    So it's finally October 1st, 2019. Do you know what that means? It's the fourth anniversary of me coming out of the closet, also known as the day I started identifying as a transgirl. I do legitimately consider it my birthday in a sense, the word pseudo is far from being entirely accurate; I...
  2. Rainami

    Pokémon Shaming

    I don't think there's ever been a thread like this. It's a fairly simple game. You post a Pokemon, and the next poster posts the text that is on the Pokemon's shame sign, like you see above. They also post a new Pokemon. Be creative, base the text on anything you can think of; a Pokemon's...
  3. Rainami

    nintendo direct

    I just finished watching the nintendo direct. Here is what I have to say about it. polteageist is pretty cool. I mean, if the fact that I like it comes as a surprise to you, maybe you should get your brain examined. It's a ghost, and I tend to like those. How much I will end up liking it...
  4. Rainami

    a cute li'l morsel

    on sunday, I brought a new friend home from petsmart. She's a roborovski dwarf hamster and her name is Morsela. The name comes from both morsel (referring to her size, duh) and morpeko. Morpeko's recent reveal is actually a lot of what inspired me to buy a hamster, since it's such a great...
  5. Rainami

    a banished girl's blog

    it's the norm for me to post stuff about me in random messages, but I currently do not have access to random messages. So I'm forced to resort to blogging. And blogs aren't even here anymore, they've been replaced with threads called blogs. How annoying. I have more important matters to address...
  6. Rainami

    Up vs Down v86 - Not Squidding around

    hello humans, and welcome to the 86th version of Up verses Down! I am your lovely host, Rainami. As most of you already know, I like squids...so I figured, what better theme for me to host than somefin related to them? That's right, the theme for this version is Blooper vs. Inkay! Blooper...
  7. Rainami

    Rainami's drawings

    hello, here I am, starting an art thread. To be quite honest, I'm not very good at drawing...but I want to improve, and I figure by starting an art thread, I'm helping motivate myself to draw more. Practice makes perfect, hopefully, if I'm not too much of a lost cause. Anyways, here's two...
  8. Rainami

    Right back at ya [Up vs. Down v69]

    Hello, you people, and welcome to the 69th edition of Up verses Down. I, your lovely hostess Rainami, will be hosting a dual between two beloved Nintendo series. One follows the stoic bounty hunter Samus Aran, who, after being orphaned at a young age, dedicates her life to helping keep peace in...
  9. Rainami

    Rate the Pokemon above you [v3]

    version two hadn't had any activity in a while, and I figured it was about time for a new thread anyways... pretty self explanatory and so on let's start with... Slowbro
  10. Rainami

    What are your favorite Pokemon?

    I'm confused as to what happened to the old thread for this. All I can find are outdated ones. Oh well, here's a new version. What pokemon do you like the most? I'll add a poll later, so check back if you want to vote on it. as for me, I recently compiled a new list...which I'll post later. My...
  11. Rainami

    New Alolan forms?

    There's no way we aren't getting new ones, especially considering how megas were handled last gen. give me stunfisk
  12. Rainami

    GEN VII: LF Dream Ball Staryu, Dream Ball Whismur and Dream/Dusk Ball Lileep

    my obsession with balls persists. Heh. I already have the former two bred, but the gen VI breeding mechanics didn't allow starmie to be bred in anyfin other than a lameass pokeball, wheras exploud....for some reason, I bred it in a timer ball, which doesn't remotely fit. Don't have a cradily at...
  13. Rainami

    GEN VII: LF Moonlight Lunatone and Defog Wingull

    I've been wanting to train a lunatone for a while, its +20 base hp this gen makes moonlight a significantly more appealing move on it. I really don't know why gamefreak is so reluctant to just add the move to its level-up movepool. I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't get any responses for that...
  14. Rainami

    GEN VI: Looking for HA Shelmet/Accelgor

    not like unburden is super useful on accelgor, but hey, it helps with revenge killing dragon dancers and all that jazz I'd vastly prefer a female in a non-regular poke ball. It doesn't matter too much what ball it is, though if you have a choice I guess dive, premier, repeat, quick or net would...
  15. Rainami

    PU is now an official tier

    if you don't know, pu's basically nu, but even shittier. It's been a fairly popular but unofficial smogon tier for a while nyow. The fact that it's now the real deal simply fills my heart with rainbows, because half the shit I fangirl over is trapped in this dark abyss. in case you're curious...
  16. Rainami

    GEN VI: Looking for HA Sentret/Furret

    I was going to start breeding for a shiny furret earlier today, but I forgot that I don't have one with frisk. Has to be female and be in a dream ball or a heal ball, since I always like the balls to match the pokemon in some way or another. Don't worry about being nice and breeding me the...
  17. Rainami

    New Years Resolutions [2015]

    Happy new year, humans. Is there anyfin you want to change for this year? Among various things, I'd like to start working out more. Not that I'm fat, but I'd like to lose a little weight, ehehe.
  18. Rainami

    GEN VI: Want Sharpedoite

    I don't even need to keep it, I just want to borrow it until I can get it myself in ORAS. In return, you can keep my Manectite, since I don't like Manectric. I have various HA Pokemon too, like Carvanha, Dratini, Sableye, Whismur, and others. I also have quite a few egg move Pokemon, and can get...
  19. Rainami

    Collection: Neosquid's Pokemon Horde

    Sss, I can't post all the images in one post, so I have to link to most of them... Hey, this is my Pokemon merchandise collection. It consists mostly of plushies but I have some other stuff too. According to the rules of this section (which I actually read, surprised?) I'm encouraged to...
  20. Rainami

    Pokemon of the Week: Diamond in the Rough (Sableye)

    I'm sure that phrase has been used for Sableye countless times, but whatever. Pokemon of the Week: Sableye [source] This Pokemon of the Week is dedicated to my favorite Pokemon, Sableye. I'm a little obsessed with it. It has gem eyes, it's a ghost goblin, it's inspired by an alleged...