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    Possible New Pokemon Rumble Spin-Off Rated: "Pokemon Rumble World"

    If they can pull off the micro-transactions right I don't care if a game is free to play. Not many games can pull it off, but just because a game is f2p with micro-transactions doesn't mean it's by default a bad game unworthy of playing. While Nintendo's gems cost more than they're worth...
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    What are your thoughts on Pokemon Shuffle?

    It isn't actually telling you the best move, it's just telling you a move. I do wish it could be turned off though, it's really distracting. I hope they add more puzzles like #149 , which is a puzzle you have to actually think about more what you do. I haven't been able to beat 150 yet...but...
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    Who's the bigger bastard?

    I think Ghetsis is, just for all the emotional manipulation and abuse. Even if the other two are trying to do something truely reprehensible, Ghetsis is the only one of the three who is straight up malicious, and as a result the only one I'd consider to be a bastard at all.
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    Would you buy a Nintendo Wii U Pokemon RPG?

    Probably not, setting aside that I don't own a wiiu. I would want much much more from a game than "like the handhelds but with better graphics" and I also don't really want the common "add more regions/region specific things" because that'd just end with a really bloated grind of a game. Now...
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    What are your thoughts on Pokemon Shuffle?

    I think it's a pretty fun little distraction, I like that there isn't a time limit on the normal puzzles. I just got it a day ago and am stuck on Meowth, and just been working on catching the pokemon I haven't caught yet, particularly Riolu. I also beat a couple of the EX levels. My main beef...
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    Looker Sidequest or Delta Episode: Which did you enjoy the most?

    The Delta episode was boring to me, you run around and then get an info dump, then you fight some pokemon. And Zinnia is kind of meh to me. I thought Lookers stuff was a bit more engaging. I would have liked to have learned more about the Sea Mauville myself, that place gave me all kinds of...
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    Undone type combinations

    I think part of the particular look is because it's moving and not especially solid, I'm wouldn't really consider myself to be a very good maker of fakemons at any rate. I don't tend to believe that every single cubone literally lost its mother cause I read the original pokedex entries for...
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    Undone type combinations

    It got me thinking Mega Spiritomb, I imagine it'd be a pretty scary looking monster...Spiritomb is already in concept one of the creepier ones too. Not technically a mega evo but I did a Ground/Ghost form change for Marowak a long time ago.
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    Undone type combinations

    So basically you're just being close minded. Almost all these suppositions you've made don't have to be applied to the persons idea at all. Edit: Watch this Game 1 Pokedex This pokemon leaves corroded metal, and acid wherever it goes. It consumes certain types of metal to regenerate acid...
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    Does anybody really use the X-stat items?

    I use them sometimes if there are some in my bag, more often I just sell them.
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    Undone type combinations

    Ever had a battery explode or corrode real bad on you? (it was pretty common with the old TI-83's when I was in highschool, the darn things would just pop all the sudden and get battery acid and junk all over the inside of the calculator) I'm not a huge fan of object type pokemon but a battery...
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    What is the Worst HM Move?

    It's so useless that (in gen 1 at least) you don't even need it, just follow the wall long enough and you'll find your way out without having used flash.
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    What is the Worst HM Move?

    Defog removes hazards, mist/safeguard, and screens.
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    SPECULATION: Should Primal Kyogre had been Water/Electric instead?

    No, there is no thematic reason for Kyogre to have electricity tacked on. And there are water types that learn thunder and other electric type attacks without sharing the type. They gave groudon fire because it makes sense for a large angry volcanic pokemon to have a fire typing.
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    Eon Ticket Tracking log

    We both do, I checked it anyway and he gets passes from me (and I from him), he just doesn't get the eon ticket for whatever reason. It's rather irritating.
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    Eon Ticket Tracking log

    I got an Eon ticket in Denton Tx, although I have no idea where I picked it up from. But all the locations I've visited recently are along 288. Golden Triangle Mall, Best Buy, Kroger, and Home Depot. I was super surprised, I never thought I'd get an Eon ticket where I live, as I very rarely pass...
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    Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn

    How do you know it doesn't have wings? They have several entries referencing how small their wings are, and how they run faster than they fly. They're based on ratites, if you look at most of ratites (Rheas, Kiwis, Emus, Ostriches, ect) you'll notice that their wings often aren't readily...
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    Inventions or evaluations?

    I definitely prefer inventions, they sort of move things along better than the "tastings" or whatever. But I do miss how off the wall eccentric Cilian could be.
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    Would you prefer Pokemon on smartphones?

    No, I do not have a smart phone, and am not interested in buying one even for a pokemon game. Even if I did have a smart phone, I'd still prefer to play it on a dedicated handheld. I don't personally see how it would be an advantage to be on a smart phone at all.
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    The Pokémon Bank and PokéTransporter thread!

    Every single one of my event legendaries have passed through fine. I also got all the legendaries I'd nabbed off the gts. So I'm pretty happy, I need to make room on my cart though for all the pokemon I want to transfer, cause I can't really spare the 5 dollars right now. :|