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  1. Treacle

    As Kanto lover, an old school fan, I feel overwhelmed by Nostalgia

    Definitely not impressed by what I've seen of LGPE so far, I was hoping for a true Kanto sequel someday but instead it's extremely simplified and targeted at the GO audience.
  2. Treacle

    Poll:When they release more pokemon, how do you want them to do it?

    Mix them together, the more variety the better imo
  3. Treacle

    What are your feelings on event only Pokemon?

    Compared to how it used to be (i.e. gen 1-3) getting event pokemon couldn't be easier. Even compared to gen 4 & 5 events have been more numerous and easier to find, especially since they're usually given out with codes or over wi-fi now.
  4. Treacle

    The Island Trials

    Definitely an interesting change from the usual gym format. Hopefully each type gets one.
  5. Treacle

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    I'd be happy with just box-art legendaries or starters and their names.
  6. Treacle

    How did you get introduced to Pokemon and how did you became a fan?

    Through the first season anime when it was being shown on The Den (on RTÉ2 in Ireland). So in October 1999, I believe. (I was 4!) One of the first bits of merchandise was the original 'Pokémon Handbook' which I read cover to cover until it fell apart. I used to plan out teams and my 'journey'...
  7. Treacle

    REVIEW: PK27: Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad

    It's a shame they changed the song (Roaring All-Stars is just better than whatever this one is called...) The little throwback to the first Pikachu short with Chespin and Pancham was really cute though :)
  8. Treacle

    If you could rename any Pokémon, what would you call them?

    Persian. C'mon, at least use Purrsian and make it some sort of pun! Not just a real life breed of cat it looks nothing like. It's like calling Espurr 'Scottish Fold' or something, and at least both of those have folded ears.
  9. Treacle

    Ultimate Truth About The Pokemon Universe!?

    RBY/GSC would probably count as their own universe as well.
  10. Treacle

    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    I was 6 when it came out in cinemas over here, I think I understood the basic story-line without the narration. (can really remember that well tbh). I did somehow misheard Lugia's name throughout the entire main movie though. :/
  11. Treacle

    Where the next regions should be based on?

    I'm completely biased, but I wouldn't mind seeing a region (or two) based on Ireland and Great Britain. If only so I could see the 'Pokémon world' equivalent to where I live. The mythology from these two islands would make a good inspiration for some interesting legendaries. Having one as the...
  12. Treacle

    Which Pokémon will you choose in Super Mystery Dungeon?

    I'll just take the personality test, and see what I get.
  13. Treacle

    Why is the PokemonTV app so wildly inconsistent?

    I think I prefer it this way, them showing a season at a time. Hopefully they'll continue like this for every season, I've been trying to re-watch the anime.
  14. Treacle

    Who is your fav Johto starter ?

    When I first got Silver it was a toss up between Chikorita and Cyndaquil, but I went with Cyndaquil because it has better looking evolutions imo. I was never overly fond of Totodile.
  15. Treacle

    Kanto/Johto Sequels

    HG タケシ | プレミアムバンダイ | バンダイ公式通販サイト I'm assuming this is for the 20th anniversary (let's hope all of the Kanto gym leaders get one :D), but maybe stuff like this is also to drum up hype for a sequel/remake?
  16. Treacle

    What Pokémon Are You? - An Exhaustive Gen 1 Pokéquiz

    019 Rattata Rattata live a fast paced life. They are virile and adaptive and though many people like them, just as many find them to be a nuisance.
  17. Treacle

    Pokémon Animation Studio attraction to open in London: To be part of upcoming KidZani

    Re: Pokémon Animation Studio attraction to open in London: To be part of upcoming Kid Really if you wanted to you could do this at home. It's just basic stop-motion. It's just a fun thing aimed at under 14s.
  18. Treacle

    3D Graphics vs 2.5D Graphics (Gen 6 vs Gens 4 and 5)

    The models for the pokémon themselves are nice, the chibified models for the human characters during cut-scenes are bit dodgy IMO.
  19. Treacle

    Contest: Kanto bugs!

    Caterpie is cuter. :)
  20. Treacle

    Your favorite eevelution ?

    Flareon. Yes I know it's not good competitively, but it has been my favourite Eeveelution, and one of my favourite pokémon in general from the beginning.