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    Exports from the 4 regions

    No. I'm not talking about the Dream World. I mean, in the game Black and White itself. Absolutely not without hacking right?
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    Exports from the 4 regions

    Can you get a Turtwig or any other unobtainable Pokémon to Black without transferring?
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    Worst Error In The Pokémon anime

    hahaha. Well not really, it's seen flying in the manaphy movie. XD
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    Exports from the 4 regions

    yeah, but transferring from your HG/SS catridge to B/W will contribute completing the dex. The trainer is still you. :]
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    Worst Error In The Pokémon anime

    yeah, exactly, IT doesn't fly in the anime. What's with you. hahaha
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    The ^ < V Game

    ^ yep, i heard it once < cutest face i've ever seen in my entire life V Likes Samurott
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    Worst Error In The Pokémon anime

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    The Diaries of Black and White

    Im fine with Samurott. I already beat the sun trainer Alder.
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    Your first shiny. How? when? where?

    hahaha, Wurmple, Violet Wurmple. That thingy thing, My computer has some monitor problems but I can tell, it SPARKLES. :DD
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    Exports from the 4 regions

    Hey guys, have you tried out exporting your Main Team from R/S/E to D/P/P to.. until B/W? It's really a good experience having your Pokémon taste a different environment. I have mine, from Diamond, I put it to SoulSilver. I was planning to put THOSE Pokémon to my Black catridge. I was referring...
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    Gen V Disapointment

    I disagree. It's good to know that the company tried out a new style of making Pokémon.
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    List all your starter Pokemon in your games

    Gold and Crystal: Totodile Sapphire: Treecko Diamond: Turtwig Soulsilver: Totodile Black: Oshawott hahaha, I love this Pokémon.
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    Pokemon Black/White Summer Season Reminder!

    I thought it is only in Spring?
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    Do you feel that Ash/Satoshi's character has been reset?

    Re: Do you feel that Satoshi's character has been reset? It's just to represent the main character of the region. Maybe Satoshi wants to imply that every trainer must start all over again and make new journeys. Good example is Ash's age. All trainers are allowed to travel with the age of 10.
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    What did you dream of last night?

    Well,.. I dreamt about Shin Min Ah, I hope you know her, she's a korean actress.. She arrives at our school and we rushed out of the room just to have an autograph. But it looks like that she became our teacher, then I do a chitchat with her. I really treat her nice. hahaha, dreams may be weird...
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    Do you think Dawn's mini skirt was too short?

    Do you think Dawn's mini skirt was too short for her....? :disgust:
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    Whats Your Birthday Pokemon?

    January 12fth #012 Butterfree #012 Pidgeot #012 Zigzagoon #012 Staraptor talkin' bout' my movie it is.. Arceus and the Jewel of Life, the twelfth Pokémon movie
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    Crime In the Pokemon World

    Think of it for a while... do you think Satoshi Tajiri will put rapist or other bad guys there[ gangs not included] if he puts one, its not pokemon anymore...
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    I'm a Kotone lookalike...

    Try some contest digest....
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    Can you make real PokéBalls in real life using Apricorns? :bounce: