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    DWF Gligar, Rufflet, Abra

    Well as the title suggests, I am looking for these pokemon. I can offer these DWF: Vulpix Poliwag Magikarp Barboach Slowpoke Dratini Bagon
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    Reshiram, Keldeo, Kami trio

    As the title suggests, I am looking for these pokemon. Natures, IVs, EVs do not count at all for me, as long as their names are in correct spelling and correctly capitalized. I have these pokemon to offer: Naive Kyogre Adamant Groudon Adamant Rayquaza Shiny Naive Axelf Hasty Kyogre Bold...
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    Lower case Ho-Oh

    Since the revolution of lower case pokemon names, I became increasingly bothered by the abundance of my pokemon that were in all caps, specifically Ho-Oh since it's one of my more treasured legendary pokemon. I have many pokemon to offer, which includes the following Naive Kyogre Adamant Groudon...
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    Wanted: one of the Hydreigon family

    As I am about to start Black 2, I would like to have Deino, Zweilous, or Hydreigon as one of my initial team. I can offer masterballs, shards, evolution stones, or rare candies. Preferably I would like him to have a mild, rash, timid, or modest nature, male, and the nickname Kastraliss. Your...
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    Well, as I just received Black 2 yesterday, I am lacking in many pokemon of good quality. So, I need to fill up my pokedex with some good pokemon. I am personally looking for a Escavalier M Braviary Deino M but all donations will be treated with thanks. Natures and IV's do not count, but it...
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    Shiny pokemon

    So, when you get a shiny pokemon out of it's ball, it'll stay shiny, right? So, if you encounter a shiny interactable pokemon, will it's overworld sprite be it's shiny version?
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    The GB Player.

    Who else loves this new invention? Also, it's a certain item in Celadon city that replays all the soundtrack from the original silver and gold games.
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    But I don't know japanese...

    So, since I think 8-9 monthes is wayyyyy to long to wait for HG SS, I want the japanese ones. However, I do not know japanese. So I ask you, how should I play the game? Should I play mindlessly but don't to spend time any on translating, or should I translate which'll probably take a long time...
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    So, I was researching about the phoenix legendary, when I noticed for the tin tower article, that it said Ho oh is NOT cachable in soul silver. Same goes for the Whirl Islands Is this confirmed, or will I really have to go get both versions to get both trio masters?
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    The Touch Screen

    So, I had this DS for a long time(1-3 years) and the touch screen started to "die" so now I can't use the touch screen that much. Do you think that they'll involve the touch screen a lot in the new remakes, or they'll just be the same as the DPPT series?