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  1. Crystal Onix

    UvD 95: A Musical Matchup

    Welcome to Up vs. Down 95, where two musical pokemon each need your help to prove they are the fan favorite! Our first contestant is the singing sensation, Meloetta! And our second contestant loves to belt out power chords, turning the amp up to 11, electrifying audiences on the strings...
  2. Crystal Onix

    Lost in Translation

    We all know about Google Translate's reputation for bungling translations. Well, let's make a game of it! Since this is the first post in this game, I'll start us off with the word "first". Step 1: Enter the word the previous person ended with into Google Translate like so: Step 2: Choose...
  3. Crystal Onix

    How well do the above user and their avatar go together?

    Pretty self-explanatory. You rate how well you think the above user's avatar suits them. I'll go first. Since the above user doesn't exist, just like their avatar, I give 10/10! Perfect!
  4. Crystal Onix

    Username Band Game

    Adapted from a friend's Facebook post. The rules are simple. You're supposed to think of a band or musical artist for each letter of your username. For example, since my username (Shiny Metagross) starts with an S, I come up with a band/artist starting with an S. Next, I come up with one...
  5. Crystal Onix

    Answer a Question with a Song

    The rules are simple: Person A asks a question. Person B posts a song with a title that answers the question, and then posts a new question, which Person C will do the same to and so on. The music may or may not have lyrics. All answers must at least be plausible and/or funny. Example: A:What...
  6. Crystal Onix

    Whismania! (Whismurs)

    So my latest breeding project is yielding a lot of 5-IV whismurs, some with Rattled. Does anybody want one of these whismurs? Additional info: -They come in heal balls -friend code is 5386 - 7563 - 8820 -More being born as breeding project continues -Various natures
  7. Crystal Onix

    v's favorite anime character is...

    Hey guys, I figured I'd try doing something fun. So anyway, the rules: The person above tries to guess your favorite anime character. You either confirm or deny, you can word it how you like, then you guess the next person's favorite anime character. Since I'm first, there's nothing for me...
  8. Crystal Onix

    Newborn pokemon!

    So the old "Newborn charmanders!" thread is outdated. Of course those charmanders are still around, but they aren't the only newborn pokes anymore. Now breeding: Fire & ice punch elekid Thunder punch magby Blaze kick riolu Snarl sandile Outrage charmander Leech seed ferroseed Coming soon: TBA...
  9. Crystal Onix

    Antiproton here!

    Hello people of Bulbagarden! So I've been a Pokemon fan since the day it hit American shores and Ash began his journey in that half hour before I left for school. Bulbagarden's been my primary source for info when breeding and raising pokemon in the game for a while now, as well as about...