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  1. QuantumPolagnus

    [Gen VII] Synchronizer Abra Giveaway

    So, I just finished breeding an army of Synchronize Abra and I have a bunch of leftovers that need good homes, so I figured I'd give them away to whoever wants them. I'm not asking for anything, but if you want to throw any items or Moon exclusives my way, I won't turn them down. What I...
  2. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VII: FT: Pokérus / LF: Power Items, Scyther, etc.

    I lucked into getting Pokérus pretty early on, so I'm looking for a few things and would be willing to trade Pokérus'ed 'mons for them. I'm looking for the following things: Items: Power Weight Power Bracer Power Belt Power Lens Power Band Power Anklet PP Ups Bottle Caps Pokemon: Scyther HA...
  3. QuantumPolagnus

    2016 International Challenge June

    If someone has already started a thread to discuss this online competition, please feel free to shut this one down and direct me to the main one. Now that that is out of the way, I didn't notice anyone else talking about this VGC tourny, so I'm curious to see how many people are competing and...
  4. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: LF: Modest Heatran

    I'm looking for a reasonably competitive, Modest Heatran from Gen 6 (so, it needs the Blue Pentagon). I'd be willing to trade event 'mons for it, or breed some HA 'mons (I have all of them), or whatever - I'm flexible. Here's a list of some things I have for trade: HA'S Any that can be bred -...
  5. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: LF: Tohoku Victini

    I'm looking for a reasonably competitive Tohoku Victini and am willing to trade some good stuff for it. I want it to have at least reasonable IV's for physical offense and no negative Natures for Atk/Spe. If anyone has a good one (I don't mind if it's cloned), let me know if you're interested...
  6. QuantumPolagnus

    QP's Hidden Ability Mart

    I have all of the currently-available HA 'mons that can be bred (and some that can't - though those aren't necessarily for trade). Ground rules: I only trade for legitimate pokémon. I've taken the time and effort to catch mine legitimately, and I'd appreciate it if you would extend me the...
  7. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: LF: Manesh Arceus Codes

    So, the title says it all. I would like one or two (if possible) codes for the Manesh Arceus (the actual Arceus, itself, would suffice if it had a good Nature/IV's). I have a ton of Legendaries spanning Gen III, IV, V, and VI, so if you want something just let me know. I also have a few...
  8. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: LF: Hidden Ability Fossil Pokémon - still looking!

    I'm trying to create a HA Living Dex and so I'm looking for fossil pokés with their hidden abilities. I've heard that these were obtainable in Gen V, but I didn't mess around with the Dream World too much back then (more's the pity). So, if anyone has any of the following with their HA's and...
  9. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: LF: Shiny Rayquaza, FT: HA Legendaries and Shiny Legendaries

    **UPDATED** I'm looking to upgrade my breeding capabilities with a 6IV Ditto, as well as collect a shiny Rayquaza. I have decided to sweeten the deal a bit since nobody has responded so far. Check below to see if you're interested. What I am looking for: Ditto - 6IV's of 31 (or close...
  10. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: Wanted: Tanabata Jirachi/Movie Diancie

    I am looking to trade for these two pokemon. I can trade any breedable pokemon in the game with any ability/nature (sorry, no hidden abilities, and I don't breed for IV's/Shinies), or most legendaries. Just let me know what you want and I'll see if I have it to trade. Edit: I went through my...
  11. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: Eevee with Hidden Ability (preferably male)

    As the title says, I'd like an Eevee with its Hidden Ability (Anticipation). From what I've heard, they can be obtained in the Friend Safari after beating the E4. I have a shiny Kangaskhan I captured that I would be willing to trade for it. Alternatively, I can breed any of the starters from...
  12. QuantumPolagnus

    GEN VI: Ditto

    I have an Aerodactyl I'd be willing to part with, or I can capture any Y-exclusive Pokemon up to about half-way through the game. If none of those suit your fancy, lemme know what you want and I'll see what I can do.
  13. QuantumPolagnus

    Want: Larvesta with Fiery Dance

    I'm planning a new team for B2/W2 and want a Volcarona on the team, but don't want to wait until lvl 100 to get Fiery Dance. If someone would breed me a lvl 1 Larvesta (preferably Male or Bold) with Fiery Dance, I'd be willing to trade for it. I can breed any pokemon in the game that is...
  14. QuantumPolagnus

    Pokéwalker Progress Thread

    I saw a thread like this on the Psypokes forum, so I figured I'd ask everyone over here... What kind of progress have you made with the Pokéwalker? For instance, steps/Watts gained, and anything really awesome you've gotten from your Pokéwalker(s). I currently have obtained 1,962,553...
  15. QuantumPolagnus

    Most Underrepresented Types

    Which pokemon types do you feel are the most underrepresented in the games and why? I, personally, feel like there is a decided lack of good Electric pokemon in the games. I think it would be nice if GF added some good non-legendary electric types (oh, and I still haven't played through DPPt...
  16. QuantumPolagnus

    Most annoying Pokemon battle

    What is the most annoying Pokemon battle you've ever been subjected to? For me, that would have to be my Milotic against Wallace's Milotic in Emerald's Elite 4. My lvl 61 Milotic (Surf, Ice Beam, Recover, Refresh) His lvl 58 Milotic (Surf, Ice Beam, Recover, Toxic) All the rest of my team was...
  17. QuantumPolagnus

    Water-type Suggestions?

    I am planning out another team for my Generation IV games and just noticed a complete lack of a water-type on the team. I haven't played all the way through DPP (my then-copy of Platinum was buggy and I got rid of it, but haven't begun playing the new copy), so I'm rather unfamiliar with the...
  18. QuantumPolagnus

    What has annoyed you the most since HG/SS?

    What has annoyed you the most since playing HG/SS? This could be directly related to a feature on HG/SS or just since playing it. For me, it would have to be that I planned out, then bred a Modest Horsea with the Swift Swim ability so I could use Rain Dance to boost it's speed and power of...
  19. QuantumPolagnus

    Predicting Results from Connecting Two Pokéwalkers

    I can't find any info anywhere on the interwebs about being able to predict what you get out of connecting two Pokéwalkers. So, I've taken it upon myself to figure this out and have some interesting results. One interesting observation I have made (and I've been compiling data from multiple...