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    Project leaders

    Umm... Project Fandom doesn't HAVE a leader.
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    Notability of TCG PokéDex blurbs

    I think we need to include them under "In the TCG" in a template looking just like the anime and manga ones, and if there's any good info relevant to the biology sections - then mention it there too. That's what we do with information about species gathered from every other canon - be it games...
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    Are we supposed to be flattered? - " Encyclopaedia Pokémedia"

    There IS something we can do. Point and laugh. In all seriousness, this isn't even worth getting annoyed over. They're a bunch of idiots and everyone knows they're just copying us. Just ignore.
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    Paging Dr. Footstep

    I would actually think a table on Dr. Footstep's page would be best.
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    Bulbapedia - Shipping "protection"

    I've been saying this for ages. Luna, I'm having a hard time believing that even you believe your own claims. You're comparing TCG cards to... shipping??? Seriously? Of course they should be merged. And some of them should even be deleted. Yes, some pages are notable - like PokéShipping...
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    I have a question....

    On its own, I don't think it's worthy of an entire article... MAYBE one on all of Mewtwo's cloned Pokémon, with expanded sections on Pikachu and Meowth. But I'm not even sure about that.
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    Bulbapedia - Shipping "protection"

    When people hit "random page", they're not looking for shipping articles. The last thing we need is to bring the shipping articles into the mainspace. That would be a disaster, as most (yeah, most) of them are non canon (that's a subtle way of saying "completely fanwanked"). Like Trom said...
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    Yellow's abilities

    I read the entire manga up to Emerald only last week. Yellow did not read a human's mind. When she met Bill and Lorelei, she was reading Pika's mind after sending its Poke Ball out of the cave she and Bill were hiding in.
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    International content on Bulbapedia

    So here's what I'll do: I'll start by writing up full articles about the franchise in a few countries (I'll probably start with Italy and Portugal, since I can base those on information already on the pedia, and then Israel, which is where I live). It probably won't be today, but sometime soon...
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    International content on Bulbapedia

    Aha. So, in theory, we could have "Pokemon anime in France", "Pokemon manga in France", "Pokemon TCG in France"...? We'll have to keep very strict quality standards, then. As in, "no stubs allowed. if you can't write a full good article, don't bother." The thing is, while the anime ones will...
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    International content on Bulbapedia

    But then the articles can't include relevant non-anime information, such as games releases, manga releases, TCG tournaments, even something about the local fandom community. These articles can contain much more than anime stuff.
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    International content on Bulbapedia

    OK, so I had this idea, and I ran it by DETH and he thought it's good... So I figured I'll toss it here and see what the rest of the community thinks about it. I'll start with some background: it started from Project VA. Some of you might've noticed how many international voice actor articles...
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    Portugese names

    OK, so basically, it all depends on what section we're talking about. Moves, I tend to agree with Maxim. Only languages the games are translated to. The rest is probably from the anime, which, as we all know, makes plenty of mistakes, and is inconsistent as hell. Anime episodes, I see no...
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    The Incredible Vanishing VAs

    It was EB approved. Heck, it was EB idea. And since I know you're working on a putting some order into those articles anyway, we figured we'll create some categories to help ourselves see what falls under them. You're the Project Leader, but those articles are still a part of Bulbapedia and...
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    What religion do you practice?

    I'm an Arceusist. No, but seriously, I'm an Atheist. Technically I'm Jewish but I don't believe in god and neither does anyone in my family. So, Atheist.
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    Portugese names

    The anime is dubbed in more than 30 languages (yeah, that's right). We don't have contributors that know most of them, though. Personally, for episode titles, I see no issue listing all languages we know. It's official titles, and in many cases the dubbed title is not a direct translation of...
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    The Incredible Vanishing VAs

    I'm sorry, who and who? my main point in the paragraph about shipping is that we should only list the most important ships in the fandom - the ones that actually make a difference. The average fan has no idea who these characters are because they don't read the series. It's a minor ship.
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    The Incredible Vanishing VAs

    Yes. That's what the list of voice actors is for. Do we really need a whole page with just that line?
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    The Incredible Vanishing VAs

    Project VA have new notability standards which you can see on the project page. Takeshi Kaga and Masatoshi Hamada each did only one role in one movie, and therefore, under the notability standards (which several admins wrote together; I remember at least me, KG and Deth being present at that...