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    The Anagram Game!

    Rules are simple; decipher the anagram above, and post your own anagram for the next person! If the person got your anagram wrong, tell us what your anagram was. I'll start it off. ANAGRAM: In the elf condom
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    Looking for Temp. People for RP

    I have an RP going on (The Document of Origins- Kanto and Unova), and I need some people to come on every once in a while as either a gym leader or a member of the evil criminal organization. I need about 4-10 temporary players. Pretty much I need 4 commanders, 16 gym leaders, and anyone...
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    Document of Origin- Kanto and Unova *OOC Thread*

    This is the link to the start up thread. This is the link to the sign up thread. Just so the thread does not get cluttered, I have started an OOC thread. If you have any questions or would like to comment or anything OOC, please post it here :)
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    The Document of Origins- Kanto and Unova *START UP*

    PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. This is the link to the sign up thread. This is the link to the OOC thread We are still looking for people to sign up as trainers, gym leaders, and members of Team Origin. Please refer to above link for character information and anything else. When we get to enough...
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    The Document of Origins- Kanto and Unova *SIGN UP*

    This is the Link to the start up thread This is the link to the OOC thread This is the first time I've ever made an RP >.< I'm sorry if it's not the best, I'm still quite new to the RPing scene. Oh and I'm looking for someone to co-own this with me, just to make sure things are going...
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    Engrish Funny

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum; if it is please change it. Post your funnies photos involving "engrish"; preferably engrish you found yourself. *I checked to see if there was a thread like this from the last 6 months; I found none* I bought this candy at my local Oriental...
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    Looking for RP to join

    I`m new to RPing and I am looking for an RP to join. I`m currently involved in a private RP, so I`m getting *some* experience. I`d prefer to play something based off Pokemon x)
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    Looking for someone to private RP with

    I've never RP'd and I really want to get into it. Does anyone want to set up a private RP with me so I can learn the ropes from experience? :)
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    Good Places to Train Pokemon in Unova

    I've beaten the main storyline and I have many high level Pokemon. Currently I'm trying to complete my Pokedex by evolving my Pokemon. I have EXP shares on a lv 29 and a lv 49. I need to get the lv 29 to lv 37, and I need to get the lv 49 to lv 64. Apart from the Pokemon League, where would be a...
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    My Attempt at Mew

    I've never drawn a pokemon in my life XD I decided to give it a try with Genesect originally, but i messed up on his body. So instead i drew mew. Its alot better than what I originallt thought i would have. His arms are messed, and his nose reminds me of Drowzee. Plus hes a little plump...
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    http://www.livestream.com/edeneh click on the link to watch me babble on about things and draw a mew :) also, please reply if you are watching so i know when to speak
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    No Longer On Hiadus!

    Hey everyone! I used to come on here alot, but I had to take a temporary hiadus due to school. However, now I`m back on AND in possesion of the new game :3 If you remember me from Random Messages, then HAIIIIII!!!!!!!! If not then I guess I`m new again x)
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    Left 4 Dead

    is anyone else here an l4d/l4d2 player/ fan? i really wanna start a discussion on l4d/l4d2. so let's start: which character do you like to be? (not zombie)
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    Avatar question

    I searched around the forum for this answer but I can't seem to find an answer to my question. Can we have pivtures of ourselves with others as our avatars?
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    Battling Traditions

    Are there any traditions you have for when you're battling a trainer? Mine would be listening to my childhood music and eating my childhood cereal. Spice Girls and Apple Jacks help me win battles <3
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    Problem with my router thingie

    I've been trying to get wifi on my ds so I can do globa trade, but my stupid mother didn't write down any of the information -.- I have a D-Link and I was wondering if anyone knows how to unlock it and change the information without knowing any of the information to begin with. Any help/advice...
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    Weird Songs

    Post lyrics to weird songs; I think weird songs are fun :3 We were at a party His ear lobe fell in the deep Someone reached in and grabbed it It was a rock lobster We were at the beach Everybody had matching towels Somebody went under a dock And there they saw a rock It wasn't a...
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    First Bit of Writing

    I really don't write much, so I decided to try writing for a bit. If anyone's interested in it I'll continue writing it. So far I only have a short prologue, but I can continue writing if anyone's interested. Just to warn you, it's in the first person, and written as if a pokemon was telling the...
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    Favorite Video Game Acessory

    My favorite for a handheld console would be the eReader, I loved scanning cards onto my Gameboy games. My favorite for consoles in general is the newwst addition to my coolection of original Nintendo items; the Super Gameboy. Playing Final Fantasy 3 on my TV instead of Gameboy is amazing <3
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    If You Could Have Any Exotic Pets, What Would You Have?

    I've had a few exotic pets throughout my life. I had a turtle and a crab, and my current exotic pet is a skinny pig. But this beauty is what I would love to have: It's called an axolotl; it's like a cross between a wooper and a mudkip. I think it would be an amazing exotic pet ♥