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    Giving away starters, Absol, Egg moves, Some max IV's, Mostly max IVs in HP.

    Friend Code:0602-6329-7938 All of these starters should have max IVs in HP, but I'm not guaranteeing that. All of these Pokemon are holding a Kee Berry reserved for exeggudorkChikorita Male Mild Overgrow Chikorita Male Docile Overgrow reserved for Liri Cyndaquil Male Sassy Blaze...
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    looking for Meloetta can offer almost anything

    I'm looking for a Meloetta to complete my pokedex. Shaymin, Arceus, Keldeo, and Genesect are off limits. I could trade one of them but it would be really hard to convince me to do that Prefered Offerings: Manaphy Celebi Victini- Movie 14, and Liberty Island Reshiram- Modest Untouched...
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    How do you expect seasons to effect the game? I can only imagine there will be a pokemon that changes form depending on the season. I would suggest four legendaries that would only appear during a specific season but there is already a set of season legendaries (Bird trio). Because...
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    Contest: Manaphy or Shaymin?

    When you think of the generation 4 mew ripoff (I mean that in the nicest way posible) which do you think of more, or do you think of them equally? I realize it is completely opinion based, but I would like to know what the general concensus is. For the bulk of this generation it was easy...
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    FMA manga and Brotherhood ending. (major spoilers!)

    Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) just ended what were your thoughts. FMA Brotherhood will end early next month in japan so for those who are keeping up with brotherhood bewarned this contains spoilers! I loved it. Particularly how Ed got Al's body back and Greed's death. If I could, I would...
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    Favorite and Least favorite places in the game

    What are those places that you go to just for the sake of being there, and why do you like them? In RSE: -Rout 119, because I like rain. In Platinum: -Canalave: I like the music -Snowpoint I like the music -Eterna forrest. -Mt. Coronette, because it is HUGE and has a wide variety of...