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    Chimchar or Monferno

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a Chimchar or Monferno to raise up to an Infernape for White. I'm gonna be in the autumn friendly tournament, and I want something fast to replace my Emboar. I don't really have that much to trade, but maybe we could work out a deal.
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    Video embeding doesn't work?

    I've seen other non-mod people on here embed videos in their posts on the new forum. For some reason it won't let me do it. I'm using the insert video thing, but it never works. Am I doing it wrong or does it just hate me?
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    Contest: Gen V Fighting Types!

    Which line do you guys like the best? Pignite, Throh, Sawk, Timburr, Sraggy, Meinfoo, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, or Meloetta's 2nd form? I personally like Scraggy's line best.
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    Contest: Maractus Vs. Cacturne

    The battle of the cacti! Which one do you guys think is best? I personally like Cacturne better.
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    Avatar request

    I want someone to make me a custom avatar, but I don't know where I would ask this. Help?
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    What're your favorite/least favorite changes?

    Title says it all. What are your favorite/least favorite changes in B/W from Gen IV?
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    I went to click report on a post that was breaking the rules earlier, but I saw that it said it was only for (Something along the lines of) abusive and hurtful posts. Can it still be used for double posts?
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    The back of your trainer card!

    If you press A when you're looking at your trainer card (at least on D/P/Pt I know) It's say when your hall of fame debut was, how many times you've linked, the no. of link battles won and lost, how many link trades you've had, and if you chose to do it, a signature. So. Just post what on the...
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    Signature help

    Ok so I wanted to put a picture of my shiny raikou to the left of the picture in my signature. Right beside it. The same with my entei except on the right. They're the exact same size, but I can't get them right next to each other. Is it even possible to do that with a signature?
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    What Other Video Games do You Play?

    Ok, so besides pokemon, what other video games do you play? Besides pokemon, I play games from the Halo series, Sonic games, Guitar Hero, and I play Angry Birds on my ipod when I'm really bored in the car or something :p
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    If I Had a Million Dollars...

    This one's simple. Just post what YOU would do with a million dollars. EX: If I had a million dollars... I'd buy gamefreak I'll start. If I had a million dollars... I'd buy smartphone.
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    Easter eggs?

    I've found easter eggs in lots of other games, but never a pokemon game. Anyone have any easter eggs on sappire, emerald, FR, red resque team, platinum, explorers of time, or shadows of almia?
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    Most Pathetic Loss

    I was in the battle tower wifi. Both of us were down to our last pokemon. My swampert Vs. a bibarel. Here's how it went: "SWAMPERT used hammer arm!" "BIBAREL evaded the attack!" (At this point I'm like "WTF HOW DOES IT EVADE?!?!?") "BIBAREL used super power!" "A critical hit!" "SWAMPERT...
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    Contest: Music Battle: Every Version's Team

    Which of the teams's grunt battle music is the best? My vote goes to team plasma, followed by team aqua, then team galactic. Which do you guys like the best?
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    Contest: Isshu VS. Unova

    I noticed there was a thread for the battle of the starter names, but not the reigion. So. Which name do you guys like better? Unova or Isshu?
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    Contest: Gary VS Silver VS Brenden/May VS Barry VS Cheren VS Belle

    Which rival do you guys think is better?
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    Is this the end of pokemon? D:

    I was talking to some of my friends on saturday about the single most important thing I can think of. Pokemon. We were all worried that this would be the end. They probably won't be able to think up anymore pokemon. They've gone through over 600 now. I've heard that people think they'll keep...
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    Zekrom vs. Reshiram

    I looked around and didn't see this thread. Which do you like better? Zekrom or reshiram? I like zekrom better because it just looks awesome to me. What do you guys think?
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    Your Most Badass Moment

    Mine was when I beat lucian's team with only a toxicroak. (Thank you sucker punch) I only used my honchcrow for bronzong because it knows heat wave.
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    N Looks Kinda Familiar

    I was looking at a picture of N and he kinda looks like... wally. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I see a similarity there.