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    Things in pokemon that dont make sense

    Discuss some of the logic twisting aspects of our beloved franchise. Trade evolutions are nonsense.What if the trainer never trades then what?
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    As we all know another miracle machine the device that instantly defossilizes any fossil back into the pokemon it was now technically that pokemon was dead but now it is alive however could this be expanded even more lets say a kid died and they used his bone to revive him or maybe is just...
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    The purpose of doctors in the pokemon world

    Now we all know each pokemon center has some advance instant healing machine that would completely destroy OUR medical industry hell doctors,nurses,surgeons would be deleted from the job list since this miraculous device makes them unneeded It very possible that the machine can heal extremely...
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    Vehicles in the Pokemon World

    discuss plz
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    How big is the pokemon world

    Ok add every single region i want to know how big each region is and if the pokemon world is the size of earth or smaller or larger from bulbapedia each region is continent size so Fiorre Almia Orre Kanto Johto Sinnoh Hoenn Unova thats about 8 continents more than the earth right
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    How fast are pokemon

    If pidgeot is MACH 2 then ninjask must be ridiculously fast I believe most pokemon are at least hypersonic and some like ninjask are high hypersonic
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    The tech of pokemon

    I believe pokeballs have a pocket dimension inside each of them Also if they can revive a kabutops from a fossil wouldnt they be able to revive people from their DNA hence cheating death Again why didnt the scientist just shoot the tombs in the pokemon tower and reivive all those pokemon
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    If you change pokemon special

    Charmander as red starter now post
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    If you could change anything in pokemon adventures

    What would you change plz note i really dont care if my suggestions destroy the story 1.I love charmander and would make it Red's starter mon so Green gets Squirtle and Blue gets Bulbasaur Thats a start now what are yours